At British Exploring Society, we take young people to extraordinary destinations, both in terms of the places they visit and in their own lives.

As a charity, we work with partners to open up opportunities for young people to discover remote and challenging parts of the world – places like the Indian Himalaya and the Peruvian Amazon.

Some expeditions are specifically for those with particular challenges or abilities, while other are open to all young people aged 16-25. Whatever their circumstances, everyone makes a personal commitment, whether through fundraising, volunteering, or other activities that support their expedition.

Explore with us and you will be challenged. You’ll have to dig deep but we know that you’ll find qualities within yourself that will surprise you. You’ll learn useful skills and gain access to a unique community of Explorers, with the practical benefit of being able to write ‘British Exploring Society Member’ on your CV. 

Ready to go? Why not see where we can take you?