About us

British Exploring Society is a youth development charity, founded in 1932 by Surgeon Commander George Murray Levick RN, a member of Captain Scott’s final Antarctic expedition.
Since then, we’ve built on our founding belief that challenging experiences can transform lives by taking young people on expedition to some of the world’s wildest and most remote locations - places way beyond their comfort zone, where ‘the normal rules’ do not apply.
Our volunteer Leaders act as role models and guides, equipping explorers with outdoor and leadership skills, enabling them to take part in scientific research and media projects and more importantly, encouraging them to grow in courage and resilience as they face the unknown.
The vast majority of young people return with increased self-belief, a dynamic peer group and the determination and ability to make the most of their future, regardless of where they started out.
Please visit our impact page to see just how successful we are at unlocking young people’s potential.

Megan, Amazon 2016

"The best experience I've ever had and I've made friends for life. I really challenged myself and had the constant support of leaders and other fire members. I have so many memories that I will never forget."

Our Strategy

We want to be able to provide more opportunities each year for young people to benefit from our expeditions and we will be engaging with considerably more through partnership work in the UK. 

Our plan retains our total commitment to our founding idea; to provide exciting, challenging, life-changing expeditions in wild and remote overseas locations for young people. We also remain committed to the idea that our work should benefit young people from every area of society.

We believe that society needs adventurous, resilient, independent thinkers and adaptable team players more than ever. The British Exploring Society experience provides an almost unique opportunity for young people to discover their capabilities at key points in their transition to adulthood. Click here to download a summary of our strategy for the next 5 years. 

Annual Review 2016 - 2017

Find out more about what we do, our aims, our people and our 2017 expeditions and year by reading our Annual Review. Download a copy via the button below.