Our approach

We work with relatively small groups of young people to deliver transformational youth development in the wilderness. We are supported by well-trained, high calibre volunteer Leaders from a range of professions (including the medical, engineering, armed forces, scientific, media, academic and adventure leadership sectors).

We create unique expeditions to challenge and transform the expectations and future lives of the young people we work with. By their participation in challenging expeditions to remote, wilderness environments we inspire young people from all backgrounds to develop their confidence, teamwork, leadership and spirit of adventure. Our work is transformational for everyone who participates (leaders as well as explorers) and we believe that society benefits considerably, over many years, from the impact of what we do. To find out more about our approach visit our strategy page.

'British Exploring Society is a unique and precious national resource. In combining scientific research in extreme environments, through the vehicle of an expertly organised expedition, it offers unrivalled personal development opportunities for young people.' Pen Hadow, British Exploring Patron and the first man to walk solo and unsupported to the North Geographic Pole.

Personal Development

British Exploring Society is a youth development charity which, above all else, aims to provide young people with an intense and lasting experience of self-discovery; we strive to develop personal and practical skills that are of genuine long-term value to those taking part. This is fostered through a unique programme of adventure, science and media undertaken in a remote wilderness environment.

Throughout the expedition, our Leader teams aim to challenge and support our explorers, to push personal boundaries and develop key skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, confidence and leadership.


Science is an integral part of the expedition journey for every explorer. Moving through some of the most remote and wild regions on the planet provides unrivalled opportunity to discover and learn about new environments, as and when they are encountered, broadening the scientific awareness of our young people.

As well as carrying fieldwork planned by our own science leaders, young people will also be encouraged to garner their own ideas and explore their own questions in the remote environment they are in. Visit out Science page to find out more, or take a look at our 2016 Indian Himalaya’s Science report for an example of our work.


Adventure forms a key part of our expeditions, allowing us to access, explore and discover some of the most remote and wild environments on the planet. We believe that overcoming the physical challenge of living in wilderness environments, combined with the opportunity to undertake unique adventurous activities provides unrivalled opportunity for personal development, and ensures our explorers return with a real sense of personal achievement.

The expedition is also an opportune time to reflect on personal core values and motivations away from day to day distractions; often at a pivotal time between sixth form, University or on a career pathway. Visit our Explore with us page to find out about our current expeditions. 

Creative Media skills

On all British Exploring expeditions our Explorers have the opportunity to take part in a range of creative media projects, from photography, videography, writing, presenting and sketching. British Exploring expeditions offer a unique opportunity to develop an Explorer’s media skills, through their own personal, original and creative interpretations of the expedition journey.

Explorers will have the option to focus on their chosen media and benefit from the expert knowledge and instruction of our Creative Media Leader throughout the expedition. Whilst learning new skills and techniques, explorers are encouraged to reflect philosophically on what it is to take part in an expedition to a remote part of the world. You can find out more about our approach to creative media and our projects here.