Our team

"Our team is dedicated to giving young people a life-transforming opportunity to discover how capable they are by developing uniquely ambitious expeditions for them all over the World. As you would expect, they are a pretty able bunch themselves. They are practical & problem-solving, energetic, good-humoured, ethically driven, positive, open-minded & collegiate....and modest. So they'll hate this introduction." - Honor Wilson-Fletcher, CEO British Exploring 

We are privileged to have the volunteer contribution of fantastic, committed and highly competent outdoor professionals who give up thousands of hours each year to support our work. Our technical advisors do the same. So do our trustees. We also have volunteers working in our office. 

Without their combined contribution, our work would not be possible. We understand that we ask a great deal of our Leaders as we do with all our volunteers. We think they are exceptional people. Volunteering is an active choice for some professionals in every sector – but it just isn’t possible, or of interest, to everyone. We totally respect that.

Our Leaders

Meet our Leaders. From our very first expedition in 1932, our volunteer Leaders have shared their considerable skills, enthusiasm and commitment and helped to feed our spirit of adventure.

Our Trustees

Meet our Trustees. We are fortunate to be supported by an exceptionally talented board of trustees, who kindly donate their time and expertise to ensure that British Exploring Society receives the support it needs to continue along the right path.

Our Fellows

Meet our Fellows. Fellowship at British Exploring is awarded by our Council. Fellowship is attainable by any individual involved in our work: staff, volunteers, partners, donors, patrons and explorers and is granted in relation to exceptional contribution.   

HQ Staff

Meet our HQ Staff. "An organisation is as good as its vision and the team who deliver on that vision. If you want to get something challenging done you can't go far wrong with a British Exploring team member." - Volunteer Leader

Technical Advisers

Meet our Technical Advisers. Our Technical Advisors are highly experienced experts in their field who help us to set and maintain the highest of standards across all our procedures.

Development Board

Meet our Development Board. The Board consists of a group of accomplished individuals who collectively make a significant difference to the long-term success of the charity.