By bes.admin on 13 February 2017 16:50

As we approach the anniversary of the launch of our Explorer Miles programme we thought it would be a good opportunity to look back at what we have achieved.

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My response to being told I have cancer was simple, 'I need a plan'. It's not possible to do a biopsy on testicular cancer, so I had a bit of a waiting game before truly knowing the extent of this life threatening disease. My plan was to do all that I could to make the most of what little time I might have left.

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“In every one of the paddle strokes played the song of the Alaskan wilderness. In every tribal dialect spoken was a thousand years of history passed and in every unseen turn of the river were fear, uncertainty, discovery and learning. Sitting here, near that inevitable finish line, warn and cracked fingers scribble these words with a blunt yellow pencil. The mile wide Yukon River sweeps slowly past me on its last turning leg before draining and widening at the Bering Sea“

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We are delighted to be able to announce the beginning of an exciting three year programme, working in partnership with Whole Education, to deliver The Expeditionary Year. This new programme has been substantially funded by The Peter Cundill Foundation – which will allow us to run our pilot season in its entirety, and give us time to seek match funding for subsequent years.

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We recently had the opportunity to speak to British Exploring Alumni Roy Smallpage. Roy was an explorer on our 1977 expedition to North Iceland and like many of our past explorers, Roy has passed the tradition of adventure on to his family.Jack, Roy’s son took part in our Arctic Circle expedition to Norway in 2013 and his daughter Hannah is set to take part in our Himalayas expedition this summer.

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May to September 2016, William Hsu and myself set off to become the youngest pair to cycle the Silk Road from Beijing to Tehran. It was a expedition which challenged us over 10,000 kilometers and four months along a historic trade network.

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George Downie, was a long-time and much respected member of the Geology Department at Aberdeen University, a frequent leader of geological fieldwork expeditions in Scotland, led on fifteen British Schools Exploring Society (British Exploring Society's former name) expeditions, making him the second most frequent leader in BSES history.

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This summer Patra Selections kindly donated silk bamboo base layers to all our Himalaya Leader Team and also generously provided one Himalaya Explorer with a bursary.

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I recently joined the volunteer crew of Jubilee Sailing Trust’s ship the Lord Nelson for a few days to learn more about their approach to adventure. I learned a whole lot of other things along the way.

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Nungshi and Tashi Malik hold a string of record breaking expeditions to their names, from becoming the first siblings to climb the highest peaks in all seven continents, to becoming the first twins to reach both the South and North Pole on skis.

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