The British Exploring Challenge '18

Undertake an expedition in a weekend + compete as a team of 5 against others + acquire new skills + raise money for a life-changing charity.
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3 nights and 2 days on Dartmoor,  6, 7, 8, 9th Sept 2018. Participants need to arrive on Thursday evening to meet British Exploring Leaders and fellow competitors - any time from 6pm onwards.

Participants will stay at YHA Okehampton Bracken Tor, Saxongate, Okehampton EX20 1QW on the Thursday Evening. It will be an early start to training on Friday morning with the Challenge running until early Sunday afternoon. You can make travel arrangements to leave from 2.00pm on Sunday: a celebratory meal and drinks will be on offer for those wishing to stay a little longer.

Will I need a lot of kit?
You won’t need tents, stoves or any specialist equipment. You’ll be sent a basic kit list nearer the time – but it’ll consist mainly of boots, sleeping bags, waterproofs, a taste for adventure and a sense of humour.

Do I need to be tough to take the Challenge?
Expect significant physical challenge and tests to your endurance and stamina. You’ll also need problem solvers and negotiators to guarantee a winning team. The British Exploring Challenge is won through exceptional team work as well as through resilience.

Do I need a lot of technical skills?
No. You’ll be given training at the start of the weekend. Your ability to learn is what’s being tested, not your pre-existing technical competence.

How will my team win?
Teams will be judged and scores will be updated by Assessors against the British Exploring COMPASS:

Self-awareness & self-regulation * Emotional intelligence
Motivation and Purpose * Communication Skills
Problem Solving and Enterprise * Team Working, alignment of goals
Resilience, persistence, self-discipline, risk-management * Environmental awareness

Teams will be updated on their position on a Leader Board regularly during the Challenge weekend.

How it works

Cover significant distances criss-crossing the moors. Undertake arduous and challenging tasks to test your self-sufficiency and replicate the expedition experience in some of the most remote wilderness in Britain.

Carry all your equipment for the Challenge, gather your food en route, sleep rough, scale rock faces and ford rivers, all the time working against the clock to complete your tasks and beat the other teams…

✔ Find yourself a team of 5. Please note that you can enter as an individual, or as a team via the same ‘enter now’ button at the top of this page. If you are applying as an individual, we will get in touch to help you organise a team once you complete the enter now form.

✔ Companies may submit more than one team, but there are a limited number of team spaces available.

✔ Complete your individual and team registration and raise the minimum donation to participate. We’ll explain more of the other details to you then. You might want to have a reserve team member up your sleeve; your team will still be expected to take part if someone drops out.

✔ Once you’re at the starting site on Dartmoor where you will stay for your first night, you’ll receive training on Thursday evening and Friday morning, meet your British Exploring Leaders and the Challenge will be laid out. We don’t want to tell you too much in advance; even at the starting point you won’t know everything. Every expedition has an element of the unexpected.

✔ On Friday morning after your training is complete we’ll run an Expert Auction. By then you’ll have a good idea what skills you might be short of, and what the challenges ahead might be. You’ll have the chance to bid to acquire the support of a highly experienced British Exploring Leader to help you win the Challenge. They will stay with you throughout the weekend.

✔ During the Challenge your team will also be escorted at all times by your British Exploring Leader. They are there as a back-stop to keep you safe, to set you your tasks, assess your performance for the Leader Table, let you know how other teams are doing, and to ensure that no one cheats. They won’t help directly with anything you face during the Challenge.

✔ When the Challenge is complete on Sunday, our Assessors will total up your scores and the winner will be announced. You’ll have a chance to shower and unwind, and we’ll treat you to a barbecue before you depart for home.

Anna Padmore
Healthcare at Home

“I would definitely do it again, I couldn’t recommend it any higher. I had so much fun over the weekend, whether it was a case of getting out and spending time with other members of my company, or having the experience of what young people get to do. It’s hard work, but good fun.”

Jane Park-Weir
Norton Rose Fulbright 

"It was a fantastic team bonding experience and an incredible sense of achievement which gave everyone just a small insight into what the young explorers feel after 5 weeks away. The buzz we got from problem-solving, leading, communicating and testing our physical limits was fantastic."