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We run a number of different kinds of expeditions. Our current Open expeditions to the Canadian Yukon, Peruvian Amazon and Indian Himalayas are available to all young people ages 16-25. Our Invited expeditions are delivered in partnership with a range of other organisations. These include our Dangoor Next Generation expedition to Iceland and the Expeditionary Year, also tacking place in Iceland.

We also organise training designed to provide young people with the skills and experience to help them towards the leadership of their own expeditions, and to prepare them for what we call 'leadership for good'.

Canadian Yukon

Explore Yukon's spectacular mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys while investigating an environment with more than a billion years of geological history.

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Indian Himalaya

Trek among some of India's most spectacular high peaks while carrying out specialist scientific research in the picturesque valleys of the Ladkhi mountain range.

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Peruvian Amazon

A unique opportunity to experience first-hand the mind blowing biodiversity, hidden valleys, jungle mountains and cloud forest of the Peruvian Amazon. 

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Trainee Leader Programme

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to become an expedition leader with our Trainee Leader course. Gain a nationally recognised qualification and be part of the leadership team.

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Expeditionary Year

Tackle the undulating rocky lava fields, venture across the lunar landscape and ascend the mighty Askja Volcano while exploring the Svaratakot region in North East Iceland.

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Dangoor Next Generation Iceland

Spend three weeks exploring the Icelandic wilderness in a landscape so out of this world that you will be forgiven for thinking you are on the moon. 

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Infinity Programme

Our new partnership expedition with Jubilee Sailing Trust is an expedition for disabled and non-disabled young people and will include travel across the North Atlantic on a tall ship and a challenging and accessible adventure on land.

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Scouts Amazon 2020

Start your journey to the Peruvian Amazon with British Exploring and Scouts today. This is an exclusive opportunity for Scouts Network members to experience the Amazon.

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Scouts Yukon 2020

Start your journey to the Canadian Yukon with British Exploring and Scouts today. This is an exclusive opportunity for Scouts Network members to experience the Yukon.

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