With altitudes reaching over 7500m, Ladakh is a landscape of extremes, nestled between the world’s mightiest mountain ranges. This is a truly spectacular place. The unique climate supports some rare wildlife including snow leopards, chiru, yaks and migratory Himalayan bird species. Experience the unique culture of the villages of the Himalayas. As you ascend higher, you will leave behind the bustle of local markets and monasteries and experience a sense of isolation and remote silence which has remained almost unbroken since the days when adventurous traders travelled through these parts on the ancient silk routes.

Plus you will take part in gathering scientific data whilst documenting your extraordinary experience through photography and adventure film-making.

Previous expedition projects in mountainous environments have included:

  • Botany: Studying alpine flora and the effect of altitude and aspect on the distribution and numbers of plants.
  • Physiology: Measuring the effect of acute mountain sickness (AMS) at ascending altitudes in adolescents and the rate and efficiency of acclimatisation.
  • Geology/Geomorphology: Measuring and recording geomorphological features and producing maps of the area.
  • Anthropology: Studying the impact of tourism and development on the local population of Ladakh.
  • Glaciology: Studying the impact of aspect and meteorology on ablation rates, using data from our weather station. Surveying glacial landforms and reconstructing the glacial history of the area. Re-taking old photographs and calculating glacier retreat rates.


Expedition Breakdown

Cost: £2,700 or £3.400 (+ flights and kit)
Duration: 3 or 5 weeks

Main party departs +/- 22nd July

3 week return +/- 14th August

5 week return +/- 28th August

Location: Ladakh region of Indian Himalaya
Age Range: 16-25

Mandatory Briefing Weekend: Mid April 
Debriefing: Early November 

Visa: Required for British passport holders
Vaccinations: Some required

Expedition Status: Places available
Chief Leader: TBC


  • Trek among some of India’s most spectacular high peaks
  • Reach altitudes of up to 6000m
  • Learn to live and travel at high altitude
  • Developing specialist mountaineering and trekking skills
  • Collect data from our weather station; the 3rd highest in the world!!
  • Investigate the dynamic glacial and geomorphological history
  • Document your expedition through exciting media projects
  • Take part in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • John Muir Award for environmental awareness & conservation


  • Become a member of the oldest society of its kind True exploration, through adventure, science and media Unique focus on personal development.
  • We work with world leaders in exploration Patrons include Bear Grylls and Richard Branson, and David Attenborough (Honorary Member).
  • We work out of the RGS and are aligned to THE experts in their field.






  • Support throughout the application process from our dedicated and friendly team
  • On-going help and advice on anything you need from the experts in our UK office
  • Welcome pack - including an expertly devised kit list, safety summary, fitness and fundraising guide, plus a branded t-shirt
  • Training weekend (April); help to get everything prepared, meet your fellow explorers and ask any questions!
  • Support throughout your fundraising journey, including help with bursaries
  • An invitation to your expedition Facebook group, where you can chat with other explorers and discuss anything in more detail


  • Continued technical training and acclimatisation
  • Leadership from world class expedition professionals
  • An adventurous expedition programme that exhilarates, challenges and inspires
  • All accommodation and subsistence (incl. expedition rations and fresh food)
  • All basic expedition and group equipment (e.g. tents, stoves)
  • All required technical and safety equipment (e.g. ropes, climbing helmets & harnesses)
  • The latest communications technology (e.g. satellite phones, yellowbricks, VHF radios)
  • 24/7 support network based in the UK
  • In country agents providing localised expertise


  • Welcome home pack
  • John Muir certificate 
  • Support with your D of E Gold
  • An invitation to our “Next Steps” weekend – an opportunity to catch up with friends and receive expert training to make sure you make the most of this personal development moving forwards
  • An invitation to our prestigious Annual Gathering – you will have the opportunity to present your expedition at the RGS then join us for an incredible party