Enthused? Excited? Eager to apply? Don’t let reality of fundraising put a halt to your plans as it is much easier than you think to raise the money you need, especially with our charity status. Though you may not believe us now this is a highly enjoyable part of the expedition process: raising your anticipation for the actual trip, whilst providing you with an opportunity to gain invaluable life skills. So, although we don't denying it is a challenge, with a positive attitude, a plan and a little hard work you will quickly find the pounds piling up.


Find out how you can earn up to £1000 towards the cost of your expedition through our Explorer Miles programme. 

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The logistics

There are 5 main ways you can choose to raise money:
• Writing letters to gain donations from charitable trusts and organisations
• Sponsored challenges
• Events
• Working
• Selling

How can we help

As a starting point you can take a look at our fundraising booklet for advice and guidance on how to approach your fundraising. We are also always happy to lend a willing ear, so please contact us at or on 02075913141.

We also have a news section on our website where we display inspiring fundraising stories, so let us know if you’re up to anything unusual or have done something you are particular proud let us know and we will help publicise it on our website.

Our top tips

Make a plan - Sit down on your own or with a parent and realistically work out how much you need to raise, how you want to do it, and when you will be able to put the time in around other commitments, exams etc. Don’t forget to include your expedition cost, flights, kit and any vaccinations.

Do something you enjoy - 
Enthusiasm is infectious so think about your hobbies or interests and how best to convert them into a money making venture. Keep positive Talk about what you will get from the amazing experience of going on expedition instead of any potential worries you may have.

Attract attention - 
Make yourself seen as well as heard: when you’re fundraising wear your British Exploring t-shirt or fundraise in fancy dress.You’ll attract attention and make people smile – a recipe for success. 

Talk to each other - 
Sign up to your expedition Facebook page where you can share and receive fundraising advice from your fellow expedition members.