Focus on the Future

Following the success of this year's Focus on the Future event we have decided to create this page to share the content and impact of the day. Focus on the Future is the expedition debrief and celebration for our Dangoor Next Generation expedition, that sees explorers and Leaders reunite to share and reflect on the experience with guests.

During this summer a group of young people took part in a 3-week expedition exploring the Icelandic wilderness, both challenging themselves physically and developing their confidence and social skills.  

On this page you will find a short video showcasing the day’s activities, as well as word clouds from both guest and explores that display a selection of words recorded on the day. Make sure you take a look at our interview with Senior Explorer Ryan Best to understand the impact of the expedition on participants.

Ryan-Explorer 2016 Dangoor Iceland Expedition

"I am very grateful to British Exploring for giving young people this opportunity which they wouldn't have otherwise. I met some incredible people and it was a really nice atmosphere to be in, even though it was stressful at times. It is hard to pick just one aspect of the expedition because the whole journey for me was an incredible experience, and from it, I have acquired happy memories, friends, and knowledge which will stick with me for life."
Find out more about Ryan here.

Explorer Word Cloud

The image below is a collection of words gathered throughout the day of the event. These are all words that were used by participants of the programme to summarise their experience.

Guest Word Cloud

This word cloud has been organised using words submitted by the events guest. All attendees were asked to share their thoughts following presentations from the participants.