Stellar Leadership Development Programme

Stellar inspires leadership for the future through a transformative development programme delivered in the wilderness. This unique experience combines intellectual, practical and physical challenges to build moral courage as well as resilience and self knowledge. The Stellar alumni will aim to make a real, positive difference in society, and feel empowered to make good decisions about their futures. Stellar is run by professional facilitators who have designed the content from their collective years of experience working with people from many companies and organisations.

The 2017 Stellar expedition will take place in the Canadian Yukon.    

The programme focuses on 4 main areas:
1) Developing the concept of 'leadership for good'.
2) In-depth personal development by raising self and social awareness.
3) Building the self-belief and confidence to lead in the moment and take responsibility.
4) Helping to align career and life decisions based on knowledge of what's most important for the individual.

Now in its seventh year, Stellar offers the chance to learn and apply essential life and leadership skills to help live a life with purpose. The programme consists of a two-week overseas expedition, a UK follow-up weekend, and ongoing peer coaching, support and events through the proactive and engaged alumni group. Being a Stellar alumnus provides an opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded people who can support each other throughout their careers by way of online contact and organised events.


Alumni feedback

"Thanks for a great programme that has really changed the way I think about myself, what matters to me and what I want from life as well as the way I interact with others. It's been amazing opportunity that I've really appreciated."

Programme details

Who is Stellar for?
Stellar is for anyone aged 20-24. Applicants must be committed to self-development and possess a genuine interest in having a positive influence on the world around them.

What can I expect?
The programme welcomes 21 participants from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. It is an intense and profound learning experience that requires total commitment and application to the whole programme. You will be personally challenged, you will be asked to think deeply about your own future, your behaviours and your impact on others. You can expect a combination of learning, adventure, wilderness and peer-to-peer challenge and support. The concepts you will learn about yourself, others and leadership will be relevant to all aspects of your personal and work life. You will learn how to pragmatically act to enable you to make a positive difference to yourself and everyone you meet.

Further information 

What is the application process?
Applicants will be shortlisted to attend an informal group interview at London in January 2017. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the programme staff team, ask questions, and discuss a range of topics relevant to the aims of Stellar. If you are accepted onto the programme there will be a pre-expedition training weekend on the 7th-9th April 2017.

Successful applicants must be able to attend all dates.
Interviews: January 2017
Explorer Briefing Weekend: 7th – 9th April 2017 (Oxfordshire)
Overseas Element: 10th - 26th July 2017 (Canada)
Follow up weekend: 19th - 20th August 2017 (location TBC)

Eligibility: open to all applicants aged 20-24.
Expedition Cost: £500 expedition cost. Additionally, participants must pay for their own flights (approx. £1100). 

Advice and support will be given as to how to fundraise to cover your costs'

Phase 1: UK training weekend

Phase one will provide participants with the opportunity to get to know each other and start the process of building relationships, trust and self knowledge. During this phase we will focus on introducing you to the foundations of expedition skills and also the societal challenge that you will work on during the duration of the programme.

Phase 2: Initial learning 

At a base in the Yukon you will continue to get to know each other and will be introduced to the foundations of ethical and values-based leadership, with a focus on developing genuine self-awareness and awareness of others. You will begin to discuss the societal challenge with your peer group as a foundation for discussions during the expedition.

Phase 3: Canoe journey

Phase 3 is a 9-day wilderness canoe journey allowing in-depth discussions, debate, and planning your responses to the societal challenge posed at the beginning of the programme. Much of the journey takes place in small canoe groups of 7 participants and 2-3 leaders, regrouping as a whole team once in the journey and in Phase 4.

Phase 4: Reflection and feedback

Phase 4 is designed to give participants the opportunity and time to process the overseas part of the programme, as well as giving and receiving feedback, and look at how you can apply your personal learning back in your life at home and look for opportunities to practice ‘leadership for good’. Your group will agree the process that you will adopt to prepare for the Follow Up Weekend as a holistic team.

Follow-up Weekend

4 weeks after the overseas expedition, you will regroup in the UK for a weekend of learning consolidation and conversations about the practical application of the programme content. You will also present back your ideas, information and solutions to the societal challenge that you have been working on. You will use the time between Phase 4 and the Follow Up Weekend to finalise your presentations.