Ambassador Explorer Programme

The Ambassador Explorer Programme works with school groups and a supporting partner to make the participation in expeditions accessible to young people, particularly for those from disadvantaged communities, or for those with limited access to extra-curricular and challenging enrichment opportunities.

British Exploring Society works together with a funder and a school to create a funding package to kick-start ‘Ambassador’ participation in our programmes. The aspiration for the Ambassador Explorer Programme is that it forms the beginnings of a partnership, welcoming more young people into our programmes, rather than a one-off exercise.

How does it work?

1. We secure a funder who would like to invest in the work of British Exploring Society. 
2. We agree a level of donation from the funder and decide which schools we can work with.
3. The reverse may also happen; we have an interested school, and we seek a funder to match the needs of that school, so that their students may participate.
4. An agreed number of spaces on expedition are made available to the school(s) and the parameters for participation are agreed. Levels of participant fundraising are also agreed.
5. British Exploring Society reaches out to the school(s), and sets up the mechanics for participation.

Explorer Testimonial

“I learnt not to underestimate myself and the abilities I have the potential to develop...I made it up every mountain and I realised that with the right people behind me and the confidence in myself, I can accomplish any task.” OAT Student

Explorer Testimonial

“It's a different type of work, away from all the text books and exams it’s a place to learn about the environment, but more importantly about yourself…doing things that would take anyone out of their comfort zone" Westminster Academy student

Why should schools participate?

British Exploring Society is a charity which delivers youth development programmes to challenge and transform the expectations and future lives of young people who can benefit most. It organises expeditionary programmes that aim to advance the education and personal development of young people by developing their confidence, teamwork, leadership and spirit of adventure.

We work at high intensity in wild and remote locations. Development is delivered through adventure, science and media projects that give our expeditions their purpose. British Exploring Society supports the development of skills which underpin the ability of our participants to take control of their lives, identify, and achieve their ambitions.

A major external empirical survey by the University of Edinburgh of 9 British Exploring expeditions completed in 2015 showed statistically significant improvements and positive effects in mental toughness, leadership skills and GRIT.

We use an Outcomes Star: The British Exploring Compass to measure and report on the development around facing challenges, people and me, problem solving, communication, my reason to keep going, managing my feelings, making decisions that matter and the world around me on our programmes.

94% of employers say that life skills are at least as important as academic results for the success of young people. 68% say school leavers don’t have the required skills for the workplace. (source: Sutton Trust report on Life Skills)

Participants are encouraged to volunteer as part of their fundraising and are rewarded with a reduction in cost for completing set goals.

Schools can secure significant positive, aspirational benefit from participation; 2017 schools participating in the Ambassador Explorer Programme featured in local news stories and shared explorer stories extensively with their network.

The programme is fully supported by British Exploring Society requiring no planning or risk assessments from school.

Some of the schools and organisations we work with

Principal Feedback

“This was a fantastic opportunity for our students which I am pleased to say they grasped with both hands. Having opportunities like this really brings learning to life and inspired young people to develop their talents”.
Rachel Kitley, Principal Cowes Enterprise College

Principal Feedback

“Our explorers made huge gains in confidence…they all returned more ambitious. The benefit wasn’t just to the four students. They have all since delivered assemblies in school, and they have become inspirational figures to younger students. 
Dr Saima Rana, Principal. Westminster Academy

Why would someone support this?

We are asking for a relatively modest investment in a community which matters to the funder. We want to provide exceptional opportunities for young people from every area of society to excel.

A potential funder is likely to already have a strong interest in promoting opportunity/success in a school/academy or community. They may be a school sponsor, local business leader or existing philanthropist. This programme delivers immediate benefits to young people (expedition participants) and wider positive outcomes in school and community (positive aspirational role-modelling).

Participants will take part in social action/volunteering and fundraising to support their participation, further enhancing their status as positive role models.

The financials and how to get involved?

The Ambassador Programme has been designed to work with the needs of individual schools. We have a flexible model that can vary the number of participants, the level of supporter donation and the level of participant fundraising. We welcome any enquiries from teachers who are interested in learning more about the initiative and to discuss the possibilities around implementing the programme in your school. Please email Kate, our Head of Expedition Recruitment & Partnerships for more details.