The Certification page is here to help you make the most of your achievements with British Exploring and to give you the tools to communicate the experiences and skills you have with potential employers and educational institutions.

Remember the basics. British Exploring Society is a charity, our current Royal Patron is the Duke of York and we have been running challenging youth development programmes since 1932.

Successful completion of a British Exploring Society Programme indicates that you have developed and reflected on your: Perseverance, stamina, communication, tolerance and team working skills, practical problem-solving ability, self-discipline, motivation, capacity for hard work, maturity, and leadership.

British Exploring Society has extensive externally validated evidence of impact. You can find out more about this on our Impact webpage. Consider also how to capture the improvements you have seen for yourself on the Compass you completed at stages during your programme with us.

Did you achieve the goals you set?

It is important that you advise employers or educational institutions on your CV that you have completed a programme with British Exploring Society and that you have become a Member of the Society. Here’s a link to some other notable Members you might want to mention.

Consider how taking part on a programme with us is relevant to the course or job you are applying for, and which skills or competencies you have acquired will specifically support you in your next step.   

Your participation in a programme with us gives you something crucial – a unique way to stand out – and will provide focus for questions and conversation at interview, too, if you prepare your CV well.

Remember that as a Young Explorer you are expected to take on significant levels of responsibility, making decisions about the challenges you have taken on whilst overseas. This sets you apart. You may also have acquired new skills in field science and media as well as learning how to work together and stay fit and healthy in the wild.  

Explorer Miles

If you signed up for Explorer Miles, ensure that you include your certification from vInspired, and any references from an employer or volunteer partner. Employers and education providers increasingly respect the value of volunteering and social action as a valuable skillset.

You have been supported by high ratios (around 5:1) of exceptional professional leaders. Our leaders come from a wide range of professions. Consider the impact they have had on you and how to explain this.
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Ben Saunders, Polar explorer

“British Exploring… offers unique opportunities for young people to learn about themselves, to learn about teamwork, communications, and leadership in a way you definitely don’t get to do in full-time education.”

Hannah White, Adventurer

“British Exploring is nurturing huge talent in both genders and we are seeing rising stars supported by the Society.”

Pen Hadow, Polar explorer

“British Exploring Society is a unique and precious national resource. It offers unrivalled personal development opportunities for young people”.