Applying to join the Explorer Miles scheme

Since Scott first went to the Antarctic, every explorer will tell you that the planning and funding of an expedition is a crucial part of the experience – and it takes a lot longer than the expedition itself. We want the ‘lead-up’ to your expedition to be as rewarding, and as memorable as possible. We think we have come up with the best possible way for you to start your journey – Explorer Miles –a way to boost your fundraising and maximise your journey to expedition.

Explorer Miles is a bursary scheme with a difference. A bursary is a financial award given to meet financial or other needs. Our bursary initiative gives ‘credit’ towards taking part in an expedition programme with us in return for participation in volunteering/social action. By applying to join our Explorer Miles scheme you have decided to take part in volunteering/social action as part of your time with us. 

If you are taking part in one of our 2020 expeditions, please check back for updates. 

Terms and conditions

1. To qualify for the Explorer Miles scheme, all participants must have been accepted onto an expedition with British Exploring Society.
2. Only explorers paying the full price of the expedition are eligible to apply (as advertised on the British Exploring Society website).
3. Volunteering hours must be logged and validated on your spreadsheet to qualify. The British Exploring Society office will have the final say on any disputes over the validation of volunteering hours.
4. Explorer Miles volunteering hours cannot be backdated to include volunteering completed before signing up for an expedition with British Exploring Society. However, all volunteering hours logged after approval of the Explorer Miles application can be credited.
5. Explorer Miles will be credited to your expedition invoice upon confirmation of volunteered hours. British Exploring Society staff will seek confirmation for time logged from the point of contact provided at registration stage.
6. Incremental volunteering hours must be credited by Friday 3rd of May 2019. At present each explorer can earn a maximum of 1000 Explorer Miles.
7. Explorer Miles are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. In the event of an explorer being unable to participate in an expedition for any reason the Explorer Miles can be transferred to a future expedition at the discretion of the British Exploring Society office.