Explorer Miles

Please note that we haven’t launched Explorer Miles for our 2018- 2019 season. Please check back for updates.

Explorer Miles is British Exploring Society's very own volunteering initiative that provides you with a unique opportunity to earn your way to the Peruvian Amazon, the mountainous Indian Himalayas, or the forests and rivers of the Canadian Yukon through taking part in social action in your local community.

We want to make it manageable for you to fund your way to expedition and at the same time provide a platform for you to make a real difference in your community. This could be volunteering, fundraising, campaigning, setting up a social enterprise or any action that has a positive impact on both yourself and other people. You can also find out about the various fundraising options available to you on our webpage here

Each year we fundraise to build a pot of money for our Explorer Miles fund.  Any award we make in return for volunteering is made possible by our supporters and members. As a result, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee any payments. Explorers taking part in the scheme must follow our guidelines fully and log their hours regularly and we will make all reasonable efforts to keep Explorers informed of the level of the fund in the build-up to their expedition.

We are working with vInspired, the UK’s leading volunteering charity, to make logging your Explorer Miles as easy as possible with the added bonus of earning vInspired’s volunteering badges as you go along. Starting with earning £100 and your v10 badge for 10 hours volunteering, all the way up to £1000 with the v100 badge and a 100 hours volunteering. Volunteering opportunities can be found on vInspired’s website or found locally.

To start your journey to expedition simply follow the steps in the video below, or read the Explorer Miles - Getting Started Guide

Rory, 2016 Explorer

"Volunteering with Explorer Miles has been a great opportunity to help fund my expedition. Once you start looking you’ll see there are loads of opportunities to volunteer with organisations in a huge range of areas." Read more here.

Canadian Yukon

Explore Yukon's spectacular mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys while investigating an environment with more than a billion years of geological history.

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Indian Himalayas

Trek among some of India's most spectacular high peaks while carrying out specialist scientific research in the picturesque valleys of the Ladkhi mountain range.

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Peruvian Amazon

A unique opportunity to experience first-hand the mind blowing biodiversity, hidden valleys, jungle mountains and cloud forest of the Peruvian Amazon. 

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How does it work

Volunteering with the Explorer Miles scheme is easy and if you are ready to start volunteering have a read of the Explorer Miles - Getting Started Guide first.

If you aren't signed up for an expedition just yet and would like to find out a bit more about the scheme you can find a short introduction on how to get started below.


1: Create a vInspired account and sign up for Explorer Miles by following this link.
2: You can find volunteering opportunities by searching on vInspired, contacting organisations in your local area or create your own volunteering or social action project.
3: Once you are signed up, regularly record your hours and apply for vInspired Award badges as you reach 10, 30, 50 or 100 hours.

We will give out the Explorer Miles like this
10 Hours = 100 Explorer Miles = v10 badge = £100 off your expedition cost
30 Hours = 300 Explorer Miles = v30 badge = £300 off your expedition cost
50 Hours = 500 Explorer Miles = v50 badge = £500 off your expedition cost
100 Hours = 1000 Explorer Miles = v100 badge = £1000 off your expedition cost

Please note: Explorer Miles are only redeemable on volunteering hours once you have signed up and had your place confirmed for an expedition, so please visit our Amazon, Himalayas, or Yukon expedition pages and click ‘apply here’ to start your journey with us. Hours must be completed between you being confirmed on expedition and the final payment deadline - end of May 2018.


"I have volunteered for Nightline at Dundee University. This is a listening service that allows students to call or use instant messaging to talk through their problems with us. Volunteering with Nightline often puts my own problems into perspective. Additionally, by learning the listening models and how to help people talk through problems, I find it easier to process my own difficulties."


"I have been volunteering at my local athletics club and with The Woodland Trust, every hour has been worth it due to the benefits the explorer miles scheme provides. I would undoubtedly recommend volunteering to others as it is a great way to get outside and work in the natural environment, it gives a break from our busy everyday lives and provides you will a great feel of enjoyment as well."


"I have been volunteering at Love Bread Community Bakery. I am involved in making, baking and decorating, and of course washing up! Recently I have been helping out at the children’s cookery workshops, which have allowed me to further boost my confidence and develop leadership skills. I would definitely encourage explorers to take on the volunteering challenge." 

Make your Miles go further

The Explorer Miles scheme is the perfect opportunity for you to approach local businesses for match funding. Match Funding is when a business or organisation offers to match (or part match) your fundraising efforts with a donation.

You are giving local businesses double benefit for their donation. Not only are they supporting your local social action project but they also help fund your personal development through your British Exploring Society expedition. When you sign up for an expedition we will send you a template letter explaining the project so you can write to as many local businesses as possible.

Who is supporting Explorer Miles

We are proud to have made a pledge with the #iwill campaign. #iwill is a national campaign supported by HRH The Prince of Wales that aims to make social action a part of life for as many 10-20 years old's as possible. Read our #iwill Pledge for more information. 

Explorer Miles is supported by a wide range of Trusts and individuals who contribute to funding the initiative. They all believe in the combined power of social action and exploration to offer transformational experiences to young people. Have a look at our supporters page to see more information about these fantastic people and organisations. We are always on the lookout for additional supporters to help us grow the fund and broaden the impact we can have. Please do not hesitate to get in touch here if you would like to help.