Rather than tell you why we think the work that we do at British Exploring is so valuable, we believe it is better to let the young people who take part in our expeditions share their own experiences. It means a great deal to us to receive such positive and kind words from our young explorers and we hope that their words demonstrate how impactful our model of youth development is.

Please note that many of our explorers use the term 'fire' in their entries, this is used to describe a group of explorers on an expedition. 
There are typically a number of Fires on an expedition whom are lead and supported by our leaders.


If you are interested in finding out more about expeditions, you can visit our Explore with us page.


Laura - Yukon 2018

Do it! It’s such a brilliant opportunity to explore, meet amazing friends and challenge yourself - all with a wealth of support and advice… everything I wanted it to be and more. I feel empowered to face the next stage of my life.

Katherine - Himalaya 2017

Wow! What an expedition. This has undoubtedly been the best 5 weeks of my life. Some of the best moments have been summiting peaks, listening to the Dali Lama and going on 2 glaciers. I have found all the Science really interesting and have learnt so much about the world and myself. I would recommend this to all young people as it really has been amazing.

Morgen - Amazon 2018

An amazing and fantastic life-changing experience. It has taught me that I am capable of anything as long as I am brave enough and put my mind to it. 

William - Amazon 2017

As we left the jungle, I realised what an experience I had just had. The bus journey was the first time in 3 weeks where I had been able to completely stop and reflect on my experience. I definitely came out of the jungle a different person. I am certainly more willing to try new things and feel more confident in myself as a person. Read more from William in his guest blog here

Jennie, Himalaya 2017

5 weeks in the Zara Valley has been an experience of a lifetime. Trekking to the highest peaks; taking diatom samples; battling altitude; the crisp ice as we scaled the glaciers and self-discovery. What an incredible adventure. The abundance of knowledge and expertise prevalent with our leaders is awe inspiring. I am not only taking away memories, I am taking home a wider appreciation for the environment.

Tom - Yukon 2017

I would encourage anyone even vaguely considering a British Exploring expedition, either to the Yukon, or to one of the many other incredible places they offer expeditions to, to sign up immediately. It will open your eyes to new possibilities, and give you vital world knowledge, as well as amazing memories, which will help you achieve what you want in life. Read more from Tom here.

Benedict – Yukon 2017

Wow. What to say about an expedition that has been incredible in so many different ways. From paddling down the Yukon river to hiking up mountains, this expedition has given me so many amazing memories. Seeing the Northern Lights three times (yes, three!) was amazing. Each one was simply magical.

Being away from everyday life really has changed my perspective of the world. You start to appreciate all the luxuries that we take for granted. On the flip side, you also realise how easily it is to cope without modern technology, such as phones. We can all be guilty of becoming immersed in the digital world and forgetting to live in the real world. I would want as many people as possible to experience what I had the fortune to experience.

Kayla, Amazon 2016

My expedition to the Peruvian Amazon was action packed and mentally stimulating. Through a combination of fantastic leaders and motivated Young Explorers I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the trip.

Dasha, Amazon 2016

Life changing. I have learnt more about myself than I ever thought I could know, a journey of self-discovery. British Exploring attracts such a unique blend of people, you are definitely going to meet some friends for life - like minded people you never knew were out there that are just like you. 

Harriet - Himalaya 2016

The expedition has been a life changing adventure that I definitely didn't expect, with some incredible memories and some amazing people that won’t ever be forgotten.

The expeditions that you go on are created around what you want to do as a fire. Nothing is set in stone. You choose where you want to go when you get to base camp, what you want to do, how many days you want to go out for. You decide as a fire not just the leaders telling you.

Isaac, Himalaya 2016

To quote Nigel (Leader), an adventure is where the outcome is unknown. I loved every minute of what was a life changing experience with some amazing people. I feel I learnt valuable skills and am now in a position to go on to do an awful lot more than I would otherwise have been able to.

Kiriana, Amazon 2016

On a British Exploring expedition, you really do feel like you are on an expedition where you have to put in the work to see the reward - from the fundraising to collecting water while you are there, it's definitely a challenge, however you are always fully supported by the leaders.

Charlie, Amazon 2016

From seeing Woolly Monkeys on the Pini Pini ridge, to a snake in our latrine, the British Exploring Peru trip was an unforgettable and unique experience. Although it was sometimes challenging physically and mentally, looking back on it now, I can safely say I enjoyed every minute.