Chief Leaders

British Exploring Society is seeking highly experienced and skilled individuals to partner with us and help us deliver exceptional expeditions. British Exploring Society Chief Leaders are critical to everything we do, and to everything we believe in. They direct and deliver complex operations; they inspire teams and are responsible for potentially large groups of young people for long periods of time in remote wilderness areas across the globe.

A Chief Leader is the most senior role on an expedition, involved from the outset in planning, devising and leading on an expedition and responsible for ensuring that it meets the aims of British Exploring Society, and is permanently, positively transformative for everyone who participates.

Applicants interested in becoming a Chief Leader will need to be able to demonstrate a robust and extensive background in leadership, expeditions and people management. Your experiences will have shaped the way that you work, how you make decisions under pressure, and your understanding of the exceptional learning opportunities provided by genuinely wild and remote locations.

You will be able to convey your knowledge and enthusiasm; your ability to inspire and motivate teams will be evident in your approach to leadership, and in the feedback you have received from those you have already worked with.

Your values and ethics matter to you – as will those of the people you want to work with and the organisations you give your time to. Your exceptional resilience and adaptability and willingness to collaborate with passionate and energetic people with a wide range of abilities and capacity will set you apart.

If you join us as a Chief Leader, we offer you a unique level of participation in expedition design and of independence in the field, the very best expeditionary experiences, a commitment to supporting our Chief Leader’s professional development – and a rare opportunity to transform lives through expeditionary learning.


We continually welcome contact from potentially exceptional Chief Leaders for all expeditions. If you feel you fit the bill, please send your CV and an explanation of what makes you exceptional to

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Megan, Amazon 2016

"The best experience I've ever had and I've made friends for life. I really challenged myself and had the constant support of leaders and other fire members. I have so many memories that I will never forget."


Download the full job description here.
Our Chief Leaders are Experts.
We seek CLs who can demonstrate:
• Extensive experience of the environment they will be working in
• Technical aptitude and skills in a range of areas
• A body of contextualised experience across a range of areas, including expeditions and leadership
• An ability to problem-solve creatively, and to work with people in an adaptable and flexible way
• Self-awareness – a deep awareness of one’s strengths, values and motives which supports realism and thoughtfulness
• Social Awareness – empathy, group awareness and the ability and desire to work to meet the needs of the wider group. Empathy will tend to facilitate approachability, listening and response skills, and the support of talent in others
• Aptitude in Relationship management – the ability to influence others, manage change and challenge, build teams and foster teamwork and produce desired outcomes


Pre-expedition - From the conception of the expedition the Chief Leader works closely with the Expeditions Team to develop and shape a deliverable expedition from the original vision/concept/model or idea. CLs have critical input into leader recruitment, designing risk assessments and control measures, planning and delivering training, working up logistical plans, and liaising with their leader team. The CL will also liaise with in-country agents to develop plans and ensure adequate resource/support is in place.
Expedition - ‘In country’ - The Chief Leader ensures that the plan is executed, making any necessary additional decisions, dealing with issues with staff or young people, managing logistics, safety, communications and liaison with the UK. The CL ensures that up to 70 young people and 20 staff collaborate positively, achieve aims and objectives as far as is practicable and safely return home.
Reporting and Next Steps - On return they make sure that they report the expedition properly, ensure lessons learnt are captured and reviewed to be able to give the society a clear account of what happened, what could be changed or improved and to help the young people prepare for wrapping up their experience.

Our Chief Leaders

Soo Redshaw

Soo Redshaw has been leading expeditions for British Exploring Society for an impressive 30 years, having already been a leader on 5 expeditions to date, Soo is now taking the helm on our Canadian Yukon 2017 expedition as Chief Leader. Soo's qualifications include Scottish Winter ML, Summer ML, First Aid Certificate, SPA, Level 3 Kayak, RYA Powerboat, Post Graduate Certificate in Development Training. If you would like to find out more about Soo click here. 

Bruce Manning

Bruce has been leading British Exploring Society expeditions for a number of years, first joining us in 2006 and 2007 as our Chief Mountaineer and Logistics Support in Svalbard. He then went on to lead on our Falklands and South Georgia expedition in 2008, followed by Namibia in 2013 and 2014 and most recently the Indian Himalayas in 2015 as our Deputy Chief Leader. If you would like to find out more about Bruce click here. 

James Dyer

James has a wealth of experience as an expedition leader having been part of a leadership team on over 20 expeditions. James has a impressive background of adventure expeditions in mountain, desert, jungle and polar environments, with a broad variety of activities from trekking, mountaineering, through to canoeing. Find out more about James here