Knowledge Leader

The Knowledge Leader role is new and is an evolution of our science and media roles. It has been created to reflect our method of adventure, personal development and knowledge. Our aspiration is this role will allow greater flexibility for Leaders to play to their strengths and expertise to design and deliver engaging, relevant and meaningful projects for our Explorers. The role of a Knowledge Leader is to Lead a group (“Fire”) of approximately 12 explorers (participants) in partnership with a second, and possibly third Leader and to give direction and inspire curiosity in science, media and the environment they are in.

Depending on your professional background, please select either Media Leader, or Science Leader in the application form to be considered for the role of Knowledge Leader. We are also looking for individuals to take on the role of Chief Knowledge Leader, this position will be offered to individuals following the assessment process.

Compulsory training dates:
Leader Induction: 21st-23rd February 2020 (TBC), Leader Training: 27th-29th March 2020 Cumbria, Explorer Briefing 24th-26th April 2020, 16hr Wilderness First Aid Course May 2020 (TBC).

Assessment days: Our final assessment day for 2019 is 9th December and we will be confirming dates for early 2020 soon.


Necessary Skills

• An interest in youth development and experience of working with young people relevant to the expedition client group*.
• High levels of integrity and sound judgement.
• A strong and flexible team player.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• Strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire others.
• The ability to deal with conflict and overcome challenges.
• Relevant expertise to support role (see below for further details).
• Recognised adventure/wilderness First Aid Qualification. (weekend training course provided free of charge by British Exploring Society)
• Expertise in a relevant field such as delivering scientific fieldwork/ environmental education/ creative media projects.
• Proven experience and/or qualifications (academic or vocational) relating to area of expertise.
• Significant personal fieldwork, expedition and travel experience inside and outside the UK.
• An enthusiasm for expedition fieldwork and the ability to convey this to our participants

Pre Expedition

Attend all relevant training residentials in the UK prior to the expedition. UK Training requirements are specific to each expedition and the needs of the client group and may include 3-4 training weekends and/or a training week. All training events are considered mandatory.
• Contribute to planning, Risk Assessments, expedition-specific guidelines and similar, as appropriate and directed by British Exploring Society and/or the Chief Leader, particularly in your area of expertise
• Plan your group’s activities, including John Muir Award delivery, in liaison with the Adventure Leader and Chief Knowledge Leader
• Obtain necessary equipment (scientific, media) and materials through the Chief Knowledge Leader
• Where relevant, to liaise with the British Exploring Society team to identify media content objectives to support wider organisational projects and marketing activities

On Expedition

All responsibilities for your group in the field are shared with the second group Leader, except those which pertain directly to your expertise (e.g. science/media work).
• To inspire our participants and engage fully in activities to support the educational aims and purpose of the society and expedition
• To facilitate learning opportunities for all expedition participants in your group
• Responsibility for, and pastoral care of, participants in your group
• To train the participants in the methods necessary to live and operate in the environment
• Carry out the planned knowledge projects and facilitate any wider expedition activities
• All Leaders must always regard it as a priority to ensure the safety of each member of the expedition
• To manage a feedback and review process with the participants in the group, following the structure provided by British Exploring Society
• Where an Assistant Leader is attached to your group, to give them responsibilities as appropriate, oversee their actions and provide learning opportunities
• Where relevant, produce media content as per pre-agreement with British Exploring Society

Post Expedition

• To produce an overview report for the activities you have been responsible for
• Contribute to the overall post expedition report (PXR) and expedition feedback as appropriate and directed by British Exploring Society and/or Chief Leader
• Attend the expedition debrief event & presentation. This is usually a single day event held in London approximately 2 months after your return from expedition 
• Where relevant to assist in providing follow-up for projects as appropriate
• Where relevant, to produce & provide the Society with previously agreed media content within a month of returning from expedition (images and/or edited video footage)