Social Leader

Social leaders are an essential and core part of the leadership team. You will lead on delivering youth development activities, as well as provide pastoral care and behavioural support to young people on expedition.

The role of a Social leader is to lead a “fire” (group) of approximately 12 Explorers (participants) in partnership with one or two other leaders to guide, support and celebrate the achievements of young people during UK training and their expedition. 

Social leaders will have significant experience carrying out intensive work with young people and are able to empower and support young people through a transformative personal development journey on expedition.

Compulsory training dates: Leader Induction: 21st-23rd February 2020 (TBC), Leader Training: 27th-29th March 2020 Cumbria, Explorer Briefing 24th-26th April 2020, 16hr Wilderness First Aid Course May 2020 (TBC).

Assessment days: Our final assessment day for 2019 is 9th December and we will be confirming dates for early 2020 soon. 


"Being a Social Leader is by far one of the best things I have done as a youth worker. The project genuinely has a massive impact on the lives of young people." Ellen, Social Leader

Necessary requirements

• All potential Leaders are required to attend an allocated Assessment Day at our offices in central London
• Significant previous experience of working with disadvantaged groups or young people facing challenges
• Experience of working with young people on both a one to one and group basis
• Experience working in a residential setting
• Experience of supporting young people in potentially stressful environments
• Recognised adventure/wilderness First Aid Qualification (weekend training course provided free of charge by British Exploring Society)

On Expedition

• All leaders, must regard it as a priority to ensure the safety of each and every member of the expedition at all times
• Accompany a group of 12 young Explorers on the expedition and take lead responsibility for the delivery of youth development activities during the expedition phase
• Provide pastoral care and support for Explorers within your group
• Supervise daily group meetings, the completion of daily 1-to-1 reviews and feedback on progress to Explorers in a constructive and sympathetic manner

Pre Expedition

• Attend leader induction and training weekends as well as the explorer briefing and training events prior to expedition. 
• Liaise with Senior Social Leader and / or relevant key workers to understand support needs of the young people within your group and ensure continuity of support between the service and the programme, both during the training and on completion of the expedition.
• Develop itineraries for training and expedition along with other members of the leadership team.

Post Expedition

• Attend the Explorer debriefing event, Next Steps.
• Assist in completing incident reports and contribute to relevant expedition reporting documents as required.

• Conduct Explorer reflective personal development sessions