The rewards

The fact that many of our Leaders return several times to volunteer, tells us that the overall experience is really rewarding.

More specifically, a survey of Leaders across the previous five years revealed the following statistics:

• 100% of Leaders said they had acquired new skills
• 94% said that volunteering had built their self-esteem
• 90% said they were more confident
• 85% said they were better at their day job as a result of volunteering
• 75% said that volunteering had allowed them to use their skills in a new way
• 74% said that volunteering with us had furthered their career

Learn and grow at every step

We’ll support you at every stage of your leadership journey to ensure the experience is as rich and rewarding as possible.

Before expedition

• Friendly clued-up support throughout the application process
• Full induction to the British Exploring Society
• Full expedition training with travel expenses
• Free 16-hour wilderness first aid course
• Free branded expedition t-shirt
• Membership discounts with equipment retailers
• Access to the Leader CPD programme and discounted courses  

During expedition

• The chance to experience some of the world’s most awe-inspiring locations; places no other organisation can take you to
• Senior leadership from world-class expedition professionals
• Continued technical training and acclimatisation
• All accommodation, food and equipment provided, including technical and safety equipment (e.g. ropes, helmets and harnesses)
• Access to the latest communications technology (e.g. satellite phones, yellowbricks and VHF radios)
• In-country agents providing localised expertise
• A 24/7 UK-based support network

After expedition

• Expedition debrief day
• The opportunity to put British Exploring Society on your CV
• Consideration for future Leadership opportunities
• The chance to continue on the pathway towards a Chief Leader position
• Continued access to the Leader CPD programme

Ready to be a Leader? Visit our Lead on expedition page to find out more about our available roles