Creative Media Leader

The Creative Media Leader is responsible for devising inspirational and engaging projects with the consultation of the leader team, focusing on developing media related skills and content for all expedition participants.

British Exploring Society believe that expeditionary experiences provide outstanding opportunities for personal development. Through our scientific and adventurous and media based activities, we support our participants to develop in a range of areas. Our Creative Media projects are opportunities for the young people to develop skills and techniques that help them document and process the expedition experience, and give them a creative outlet to support their development. 

Compulsory training dates: Leader Induction: 22nd-24th February 2019, Leader Training: 28th-31st March 2019, Explorer Briefing 26th-28th April 2019, 16hr Wilderness First Aid Course 17th-19th May 2019.

Please note that first time leaders will be asked to cover the costs of their own flights on our Canadian Yukon, Indian Himalayas and Peruvian Amazon expeditions.

Assessment days: 20th, 21st November 2018, 11th December 2018, 15th January 2019



• All potential Leaders are required to attend an allocated Assessment Day
• An interest in youth development and experience of working with young people relevant to the expedition

• High levels of integrity and sound judgement
• A strong and flexible team player
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire others
• The ability to deal with conflict and overcome challenges
• Significant personal expedition and travel experience

• An interest in youth development and experience of working with young people
• Significant personal fieldwork, travel or expedition experience 
• An enthusiasm for expeditions and media, and the ability to convey this to our Explorers
• Proven experience and/or qualifications (academic or vocational) in areas of creative media which may include: journalism, film making, photography, creative writing, radio documentary or art
• Adventure First Aid Qualification (weekend training course provided free of charge by British Exploring Society)

On Expedition

• To inspire our explorers and engage fully in activities to support the educational aims and purpose of the society and expedition
• Responsibility for, and pastoral care of, explorers in your Fire group. All leaders must regard it as a priority to ensure the safety of each and every member of the expedition at all times
• Assist with and be involved in all aspects of expedition life including science projects and adventurous activities
• All leaders will manage a feedback and review process with the explorers in the Fire allowing them to process their personal development and understand the expedition experience
• To enhance the experience of the Explorers through creative media
• Deliver a programme of exciting and inspirational workshops 
• Assist the explorers to document and capture their experience
• Support the explorers to gain material (e.g. photos, video, diaries) that will help them to utilise their experience and support their journey post expedition to further studies, employment or other goals
• Gain and produce content and material that can be used by British Exploring Society for marketing purposes

Pre Expedition

• Attend training weekends (3 to 4 weekends in the 6 months prior to the expedition)
• Contribute to planning, Risk Assessments, expedition-specific guidelines and similar as appropriate and directed by British Exploring Society and/or the Chief Leader, particularly in your area of expertise
• Plan a programme of exciting and inspirational creative media workshops and projects
• Liaise with British Exploring Society and the leader team, particularly the Chief Scientist and Chief Leader to organise and obtain suitable equipment
• Liaise with interested young people to assist in devising suitable projects to meet their needs and interests.

Post Expedition

• To produce a short report for those activities that you have been responsible for
• Contribute to the overall post expedition report (PXR), post expedition debrief event and presentation and expedition feedback as appropriate and directed by British Exploring Society and/or Chief Leader
• Assist in providing suitable follow up for the projects that you have been involved in, eg. Editing, production of content, displays or presentations
• Produce and deliver a range of photos within a month of returning from expedition
• Produce and deliver a 60-90 second video to summarize the expedition and expedition life to be used for future marketing of expedition.