Our resources page is here to provide educators and organisation with the material they need to be able to share and explain what British Exploring offer with their school, club or youth organisation. On this page you can download our promotional poster, as well as follow the link to download our promotional video and imagery on Dropbox. We recommend that you advertise these around your organisation on any relevant communication channels that you use to inform your members.

British Exploring takes young people from 16-30 years old on jungle, desert and mountain expeditions to the world’s most remote locations, including Peru, Amazon, Himalayas, Yukon. Visit our Explore with us page to see which expeditions we are running at the moment. All potential explores will have the opportunity to earn up to £1000 towards their expedition through our Explorer Miles programme. Explorer Miles is British Exploring’s unique scheme that encourages our explorers to get involved in Social Action and Volunteering projects in their local communities.

If you would like a member of our team to visit your organisation, simply visit our school talk webpage to submit a request. 

“The expedition has been a mesmerising, eye-opening experience. Not only did it push us to vastly remote locations, but also challenged us physically as we were at high altitudes.

The expedition and the leaders made us feel independent and in control of everything while we were out there.”

Nick, Himalayas Explorer 2016