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James Dyer, Les Morgan Leader of the Year Award 2017 winner

Receiving the Les Morgan Leader of the Year Award means that I can stand up and champion these amazing colleagues, that return year on year to volunteer their time to make British Exploring Society’s expeditions happen, as a Chief Leader this helps make your job much easier. They follow a tradition that British Exploring Society has upheld for over 86 years and exemplify the core attributes of the best leaders who have come before us, including Les Morgan himself.

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As a leader you get the opportunity to push boundaries you didn’t realise existed, be part of an amazing team, learn so much about who you are as a leader, make friends who will light up your life and lastly but by far most importantly play a part in shaping our future generations. Life doesn't get much better than that.

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Welcome to the Expeditionary Year 2018 blog. Here you will find all the updates from the expedition as and when they are received. Please be aware that there will not be an update every single day and that this blog will be the first place that any updates are shared, so make sure you check back in for updates and save this page in your bookmarks.

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By Ben Watts - Canadian Yukon 2017 Expedition Medic & 2018 River Leader 

Expedition life allows for a simplicity which is rarely experienced by young people, getting up, walking, hiking, canoeing, eating, swimming, staring at the stars, smelling the woodsmoke of a crackling open fire. A life that is so abundant with personal achievements that it is impossible not to be proud and it can be seen to aid in the blossoming of confidence and self-worth.

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“Science can be the perfect tool for youth development. It fuels our curiosity, gives us a common purpose, and it serves as a platform to have meaningful adventures.”

This what this summer’s Canadian Yukon Chief Scientist Fernando Mateos-González said about why he is inspired to volunteer for British Exploring Society. To support this summer’s research Fernando has secured a partnership with Alka Wildlife to provide us with forty camera traps that will be set up around the forest, rivers and mountains of the Yukon Territory.

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By Fernando Mateos-González

It has certainly helped me to reshape my career. This experience has ignited an interest in working with young people, and it has given an extra impulse to my role as a science communicator. Furthermore, it has given me confidence in pursuing an unusual professional path, mainly because British Exploring Society manages to gather a very special kind of people as expedition leaders - experts of thinking out of the box, incredibly gifted misfits who dare to be different and love sharing their enthusiasm.

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By Plum Turner

We recently heard from Plum Turner, who joined us on an expedition in 2012. Plum is just about to launch her new ethically-driven shoe business where every pair purchased also protects 1,000 square feet of endangered habitat around the world. She said “that without British Exploring Society I would never have had the journey I have had to date in launching Two Degrees.”

 We wanted to share her journey with British Exploring Society and celebrate her new entrepreneurial adventure.

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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher

‘Personal development’ for us is unique to every Young Explorer - but it isn’t about a young person learning in isolation. Everything is a shared experience and depends on everyone’s commitment and contribution. This is just one of the reasons why the opportunity to participate in expeditions is so valuable – and remains as relevant as ever as a transformative learning opportunity for young people on the cusp of adulthood.

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By Fiona Nicholls

I have known about British Exploring Society for many years as my uncle, Tony Duncan, was a Leader in Norway, Svalbard and other Arctic areas in the 1980s and 1990s. My 3 younger cousins, Claire, Jonathan and Bruce Duncan (Tony's children) all went on British Exploring Society expeditions when they finished school and it has been something talked about in the family for a number of years.

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By Beau Zilesnick

One of the common questions we get asked about is, "How you fit do you need to be to go an expedition?". Expeditions require a reasonable level of fitness and often involve a significant amount of time walking, usually with a rucksack. You don’t need to be an athlete but if you can get outside and get your body used to this kind of activity you will adapt faster to expedition life. This blog is designed to give anyone going on expedition a place to start from.

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