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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

Only 10% of young people have access to outdoor learning through school in the UK at the moment. Bohunt School recently spearheaded a roundtable in Westminster to champion the need to broaden access to adventurous outdoor education.

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Lydia Mason, Deputy Chief Leader, Amazon 2018 expedition

I was in Peru as part of the pre-expedition recce team for this summer’s British Exploring Amazon adventure and we had our work cut out for us as we put-putted our way along the seasonally flooded habitat known as Varzea, trying to imagine dozens of Young Explorers making this their home for the summer.

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By Chris McMahon

This has been life changing for my son. The young man we picked up at the airport was so different from the one we dropped off 3 weeks earlier – so confident, mature, content and proud. One of his Leaders has been such a positive role model and has had a positive impact on him. I think he feels empowered and believes he can do anything in life.

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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher

At British Exploring Society we want to work well for everyone. We try to be aware, every day, of how hard it is to ‘be what you cannot see’. The confidence we have in you to thrive in the jungle without ever having previously left your home town may seem very hard to understand. Being in a jungle at all is impossible to imagine. Like every organisation passionate about outdoor experiences, we have to make adventure more accessible and relevant to young people who do not ‘see’ themselves in the arctic or the desert – or in a field, or in a tent.

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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher

Every charity needs champions. British Exploring Society has been challenged and transformed by a remarkable group of individuals over the last 85 years. We have decided to try to start honouring, over time, just some of those individuals who have made the most significant difference to us. We hope they will provide role models, continue to advocate for our work, and help us explain our future ambitions as passionately as they have supported them in past.

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The biggest difference I have noticed in Mae since returning from the Iceland Expedition is her increased maturity. She demonstrates not only greater self-awareness but greater awareness of others. She is less self-conscious and more assertive when doing presentations and generally displays optimism alongside realistic self-confidence.

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I started my British Exploring Journey eager and wide eyed in 2013, jumping at the chance to get on my first overseas expedition by packing my bags off to Oman for over a month. Somewhere between chasing anything that would fit in a butterfly net and trying to not get sunburned I realised that this was something I should be doing more of with my life.

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By Matt Hodgson, Head of Expedition Recruitment & Partnerships

We work with school groups, Academy Trusts, educational organisations and a supporting partner to create a funding package to kick-start ‘ambassador’ participation in our programmes. Ideally, this is the beginning of a longer partnership, allowing more young people to join our programmes for the future years, rather than a one-off exercise.

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Young people need a happy (and I use the word intentionally) combination of knowledge and skills, recognising and building on abilities in every area possible. We need young people to understand the importance and experience the immense satisfaction of applying knowledge to real effect as part of their education. Tackling real problems together is one of the best learning experiences ever. Anyone who earns their living in a rewarding environment can vouch for this.

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It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your background is you should embrace the opportunity, throw yourself into an expedition whole heartedly because your life will be different afterwards. You will never forget the times you spend on an expedition, no matter what you go on to do you will remain proud of your achievements as part of that team.

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