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This blog will keep you up to date with all our expedition teams. They will be blogging before, during and after their expeditions about expedition planning, fundraising, science projects and the adventurous activities they are doing on expedition. All blogs will be coming to you via the office team..
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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

There is academic backing to support the value of a digital detox now and again. It helps ease stress, fend off the potential for addiction, can improve concentration and focus, and liberate the detoxee from external pressures for the period of detox. If it also helps the individual make better judgements and become more selective when they return on-line, all the better.

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By Kyle Mills, Explorer Dangoor Next Generation Iceland

Despite so many challenges many lessons were learned, and lives changed forever. Us young people have developed so many vital skills and attributes on this journey; resilience, having to fight back and back again, to not give up and accept defeat but to rise adversity and prove to ourselves the true strength inside us all.

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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

As you read this, our final two Summer expeditions will be setting off for their overseas adventures; the Landmark team will soon set off in canoes to explore Saimaa Lakes and Dangoor Infinity will be at sea in Jubilee Sailing Trust’s tall ship Tenacious and on land in Iceland as we combine sea and land adventures simultaneously for our disabled and non-disabled teams of explorers.

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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

Two years ago we created Fellowship to provide proper thanks for lasting, significant and on-going contributions to the advancement of our work as a charity, or to recognise individual achievement in a field which aligns with our charitable work.

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By Brittany Harris, British Exploring Society Member

There are all kinds of lessons to learn, from basic patience, to hand washing your clothes. The expedition was the first time I was introduced to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). I didn’t know it then, but I ended up building a company around this specific process/tool.

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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

I sat opposite a young woman working hard as we trundled slowly into Waterloo intrigued by what ‘Qflow’ might mean - the sticker on the back of her laptop. I was also reflecting on the increasing number of our Explorers and Leaders who are putting their wide-ranging skills to use in raising understanding and awareness of environmental issues.

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Welcome to British Exploring Society’s Summer 2019 expedition blog

You will find all the updates from our Summer expeditions as and when they are received. Please be aware that there will not be an update every single day.This blog will be the first place that any updates are shared, so make sure you check back in for news and save this page in your bookmarks. Please note that we receive varying levels of content from our expedition teams depending on the communication limitations of each location.

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Chief Leader John Vessey addresses his ‘Young Explorers’ 40 years on…

British Exploring Society Members from our Northern Norway 1979 expedition have been enthusiastically organising a reunion event in London and an expedition to Norway. The team are shortly departing to Tromsö and the Lyngen Alps for another adventure together.

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By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

As the battle for the Seven Kingdoms crashes and roars towards its ending, Game of Thrones offers a compelling homily on the importance of overcoming difference. There’s much dark debate about which leader can best unite warring tribes and clans to overcome existential challenges. When the chips are down (or in this case, the northern wall) you have to know how to overcome difference and get along with people (or giants) who aren’t ‘like’ you if you are going to survive.

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By Holly Griffin, Young Explorer, Amazon 2011

I’m Holly and I was a Young Explorer on the Amazon 2011 expedition to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in Peru. I went on to study Environmental Geography at UCL and now I’m a marine conservationist. My work is in understanding the human side of conservation, and engaging people effectively with ocean issues. I’m interested in human behaviour, ethics and law in relation to ocean conservation.

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