Be well prepared to embrace the unexpected

Jan 31

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If you can’t be sure what’s going to happen next, it’s best to be well prepared to embrace the unexpected. For young people to be ready for the future they now need to be better-than-average at handling risk, dealing with the unknown, and entrepreneurial to boot. Call it what you will – character education, developing resilience, enterprise education - all these approaches should embrace opportunities for young people make real decisions, learn from failure, and work out how much more gets done when you recognise the talents of people around you.

We tend to talk about living through remarkable, uncertain times and ‘needing’ to respond to them. British Exploring Society has been approaching learning in this way through our expeditions, and through ‘good’ decades and bad, since we were founded - just after the Wall Street Crash - in 1932. We’ve always wanted young people to be prepared for the unexpected.
In the 1970s the UK was plagued by strikes, unemployment and high inflation culminating in the Winter of discontent in 78/79; By January 1982, unemployment had reached 3 million for the first time since the early 1930s; In the early 1990s recession was officially the longest in Britain since the Great Depression; …and we don’t know what the history books will say about 2018/19 yet.

Through every decade young people have stepped forward to achieve remarkable things. We only have to look at the achievements of our members who explored with us in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Whatever shape the future takes, building self-belief, autonomy, courage and determination will be life-defining. I continue to expect to see our explorers stepping forward in ways which will benefit society, and which will give them each more positive lives as adults.
To make what we do as accessible as possible, we’re launching Explorer Miles again for 2019. This is Explorer Miles ‘2.0’ a new, improved version following feedback from parents and explorers. If you, or someone you know, signs up for an expedition to the Yukon, Himalayas or Amazon with us for Summer 2019 and is accepted onto the Explorer Miles scheme (details of how to apply and terms and conditions are on our website) you can volunteer, and earn up to £1000 off the cost of joining us. As a bonus, each Explorer Miles participant will of course develop skills, a little resilience and some character along the way. So, as the jargon goes – a real win-win.
From our very beginning, we’ve worked with young people in extraordinary times. So come with us, and Find Your Fire. It’s the ideal preparation for an uncertain world.

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