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May 31

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31 May 2019 13:39  RssIcon

By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

As the battle for the Seven Kingdoms crashes and roars towards its ending, Game of Thrones offers a compelling homily on the importance of overcoming difference. There’s much dark debate about which leader can best unite warring tribes and clans to overcome existential challenges. When the chips are down (or in this case, the northern wall) you have to know how to overcome difference and get along with people (or giants) who aren’t ‘like’ you if you are going to survive.

Back in the real world, we live in a much more polarised society than 20 years ago. Polarity may make for great drama, but it creates unhappy communities. Many young people experience childhoods full of activity but with little real freedom, lacking unexpected encounters or the chance for alliances with young people with different experiences of life. This isn’t good. Tolerance grows from familiarity. On our expeditions we are grateful to work with organisations who help us bring together young people from diverse backgrounds to have adventures and learn about each other’s worlds together. We believe that society is better for this early engagement, and that all young people (and the rest of us) will benefit from it. I am not too sure the idea that ‘Men build too many walls and not enough bridges’ would cut much ice (ha!) with either House Stark or House Lannister - but we could do with more bridge building to prepare young people for their futures. It isn’t necessarily easier to build bridges - but it’s more worthwhile.

For those seeking their own land-and-sea adventure this summer (no dragons or giants, but lots of different tribes) our last remaining programme to be accepting applicants, Infinity, has just a few more places left. Get in touch as soon as you can if there’s someone you know that we really need to meet.  

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