It must be nearly Christmas

Dec 4

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04 December 2018 10:35  RssIcon

By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

Our last Expedition is back safely, we’re pouring over reports, the tents are hanging to dry from Dartmoor, and we’re planning for next year. It must be nearly Christmas.

The retail sector is great at inventing new reasons to go shopping. Thanksgiving is now dominated by Black ‘Friday’ - which is actually a whole weekend. It is followed by Cyber Monday...which is also about shopping. Lots of stimuli to action - but I sometimes wonder how much thought?
Being thoughtful, taking control of your actions, and taking responsibility for them, is a pretty regular part of growing up, one might think. But it’s one a lot of ‘markets’ appear to be quite content for us to sacrifice for the sake of the dopamine rush of the bargain purchase. As we enter December and a time of celebration for many people, when we are all encouraged (and want!) to be generous towards each other - can I ask all our readers to pause for a minute and enjoy with us a different kind of pleasure; the kindness and thoughtful actions of the many people who have stepped forward and made gifts of their time and skills as well as their financial support towards our work this year?
Every gift we receive is noted with excitement as it arrives in the office - whether it’s the confirmation of a leader joining us, or the arrival of a small donation. The fact of each gift is as important as its scale. Someone has chosen to support the young people we work with - and that’s always exciting - it honestly never wears off.
For each of you who has been able to help this year, we do hope that your decision has been an enjoyable one for you, too. Thank you again. We also note the passing in this newsletter of a number of remarkable Leaders and Members whose generosity and achievements straddled many years. Our best wishes in particular to their families and friends and all those around them who will feel their loss most acutely.
Christmas is a time when many people get to stop, breathe a little more deeply, spend time together and perhaps think about next year. We hope you enjoy the time and space and the opportunity to dream, and to plan your next adventure.
Happy Christmas everyone, and Happy Exploring.

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