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Jun 23

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Welcome to the Canadian Yukon expedition blog. Here you will find all the updates from the expedition as and when they are received. Please be aware that there will not be an update every single day and that this blog will be the first place that any updates are shared, so make sure you check back in for updates and save this page in your bookmarks.

Update 20/08/17
Beaver Fire update: Made it up to 1973m peak, incredible climb and even better view at top! Camp favourite of Spaghetti for dinner!

Update 16/08/17
Moose Fire update
Put out smouldering routes.
Bannock bread for days.
Science by the river.
Curry finally prepared before 10pm.
Wet Pants. #Amazeballs

Update 09/08/17
Chief Leader update: Currently the weather is 27-28 degrees, which has been good but with some challenges, especially with water on the hill. Land Fires all back at Basecamp and due to go to Whitehorse tomorrow.
Moose fire arrived safely at Whitehorse and were met by Leader Clare Pace. Canoeists have their last day on the river, from what she has heard they have had a great time and thought it was the true way to explore the Yukon.

Basecamp has very much become home for the explorers and they have made it their own in true expedition fashion.

Update 07/08/17
Wolf Fire update: After 2 majestic peaks which filled the group with pride of wolves, the ravens and the eagles have found a crag for a day of rock climbing #beinspired #beunstoppable #beyukon2017

Update 07/08/17
Raven Fire update: Degrees of sunburn - spam pink, tomato red, plum, wotsit, kelly! rest of us not sure if we're tanned or dirty.

Update 05/08/17
Fire update: Wolf Fire and raven Fire are at the top of the peak at 1905m. Both left their camps at 2:30am

Update 05/08/17
Eagles Fire update: 3am start. eagles (TLs) on the hunt for a summit. morning coffee under a full moon

Update 04/08/17
Fire update: Wolf Fire clawing up the mountain with our heavy packs for a 3 night camp. Hunting for a new den #ontheprowl #higherthanbennevis

Update 04/08/17
Raven Fire update: Rains Occasionally. Endless fun, views galore, energising flapjacks #rave-on

Update 03/08/17
Beaver Fire update: Morning of science & panning. Late Paddle. Caught in storm but kept spirts high. Storm cleared great sunset.

Update 02/08/17
Raven Fire update: Blog Update: We are; shanty singers, water suppliers, moment catchers, life dreamers, mountain climbers # RAVEON

Update 02/08/17
Frog Fire Update: Ate pancakes, paddled down Teslin river and watched people fall in.

Raven Fire Update: Gorgeous morning views, waking up on a hillside, rockin' raven hill.

Update 01/08/17
Wolf Fire update: The Alpine wolf pack & eagles start at 3am. Above the treeline, red sunrise. Aiming 4 the summit #higherthanheaven

Update 31/07/17
Paddle Fires update: On Sunday evening, the team made it to the town of Hundred Mile Landing on the edge of the Teslin River and learnt about the history of the area and its historic graves.

Update 28/07/17
Fire blogs coming in - communications with remote areas mean messages are short and sweet:

Wolf Fire: We have wolfed down our food - what a howling success. We are all packed in the den #topofthefoodchain

Raven Fire: Ablution associates, first aid fanatics, man-eating mosquitoes, pooping porcupine paparazzi, bannock bread be the bomb #raveon

Frog Fire: 8am wake up, seen diving loons on Teslin as packing up canoe. Slow progress but crackers & jam helping, heading to river today. #frogfire

Update 27/07/17
Team update: The Yukon team have arrived safely in Canada following their flight from London on Monday.

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