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Welcome to the Canadian Yukon 2018 blog. Here you will find all the updates from the expedition as and when they are received. Please be aware that there will not be an update every single day and that this blog will be the first place that any updates are shared, so make sure you check back in for updates and save this page in your bookmarks. Please note that we receive varying levels of content from our expedition teams depending on the communication limitations of each location.

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Update 22/08/18

Media leader river blog: Both groups now cruising down the Yukon river, just 90km to Carmacks. many moose and lynx spotted.

Update 22/08/18

Wolverine Fire: We have just come back to base camp after spending 5 nights and 6 days in the mountains. During our time up there we summited 5 peaks. Our highest was 6300ft. We saw the Northern lights and heard the howl of a lone Wolf. The wolf howl prompted us to hide our food cash up a tree. We forged a new way through dense foliage off the mountains and back to base camp. It took us 4 hours to cover 7km. The team are now enjoying a well-earned wash and cleanish clothes.

Update 15/08/18

Logan River Fire: Yesterday we paddled 35km and stayed up to watch Northern lights. Easy morning now enjoying pancakes for breakfast.

Update 14/08/18

Logan River Fire: Now departing Johnson’s crossing, Keiran, Gus and Frazer all spotting eagles, beavers and otters. suns out, canoes are go!! 

Update 14/08/18
Paddle Leader Ben Watts: Our first team have returned home from the Canadian Yukon expedition and Paddle Leader Ben Watts has already managed to put a video together. Take a look....

Update 13/08/18
Media Leader update:Arctos Fire have just returned to base camp after watching the sunrise from Rambler Hill at 5am. Along with Wolverine who have just arrived, all fires are now preparing base camp for the changeover, with Logan prepping for their river phase of the expedition. Spirits are through the roof!

Update 10/08/18
Wolverine Fire (Late Departure) Update: Have arrived in Whitehorse safely and travelled up to the expedition basecamp yesterday. Over the next few days they will receive training before deciding on their expedition goals.

Update 08/08/18
Logan Fire Update: Misty morning of science and adventure. Observing pika behaviour, bioblitzing a mountain stream and tracking bears and moose. Good life!

Update 06/08/18
No rain can stop Arctos fire being fabulous, soggy bears swam in lake ladue. Heading back 2 basecamp

Update 05/08/18
Singing in the rain, here comes the sun, I can see clearly now the rain has gone: Arctos fire at Lake Ladue going for 1st swim.

Logan tweet easy like a Sunday morning > Breakfast burritos sat around the campfire

Update 04/08/18

After a day of tea and biscuits Arctos is ready to head off into the rain on our next adventure.

Update 03/08/18
Another hardcore but fabulous Arctos adventure, flossing on newly named Pika Peak and makin new discoveries (Pika,water,bears) #HbF

Update 02/08/18
Media Leader update: After spending a day at base camp preparing for their five-day expedition into the Davidson Mountains, Aurora Fire have this morning begun their ascent of Rambler Hill. They hope to arrive at the summit before lunchtime. 

Logan Fire returned yesterday from their four-day expedition to Ladue Lake and are today finding and replacing the SD cards in the camera traps

Aurora Fire set up near Mcquesten Lake. Arctos Fire are today due to return from their expedition in the Davidson Mountains.

Lynx Fire spent last night on a late-night paddle at around 8.30pm hoping to increase their chances of spotting wildlife. 

Update 01/08/18
Chief Leader update: We have a team still up on the hill, they have gone a long way and have taken snow samples to return to camp tomorrow. Aurora are at base camp. All are well. All going well, river team are happy. It is very hot, mosquitos are something of a problem, plenty of DEET being used. We've had two teams up on the hill, the path up is overgrown, we cleared part of it, still clearing as they go so we have a clear path to gather water. Explores and Leaders all doing a great job. 

Update 01/08/18
Team blog update: 2 summits reached, 1 previously unnamed which we have called Mount Arctos. Arctos GRRR #HBF

Update 31/07/18
Deputy Chief Leader update:  Having arrived safely, just South of McQuesten lake, the Yukon land team spent a couple of days creating a cosy base camp, some team training and meeting a local ecologist, and are all now out and about exploring the area.

Aurora fire who started with some valley based science and placing camera traps are now off to spend the night on Rambler Hill. Logan fire have headed out to Ladue Lake, a great location for science and bushcraft. Arctos fire, now an upland water stash has been created, are up high exploring the Davison mountain range.

Lynx Fire spent a day training near Johnson’s Crossing and are now well underway with their canoe journey on the River Teslin.

All teams ( except Lynx of course) are expected to come back to base camp in a couple of days time to share what they have found in the various locations, swap campers trap location intimation and help each other plan the next phase of their adventure.

Update 26/07/18

Media Leader update:  The team have arrived safely and has been staying at Whitehorse Curling Club for three nights before heading up to base camp, where the young explorers have participated in final training exercises and briefings to prepare them for McQuesten Lake. On Wednesday afternoon, all members got the chance to look around Whitehorse and visit the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre with the First Nations  to learn about the history of the people of the Yukon - the First Nations.

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