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Welcome to the Dangoor Next Generation Iceland expedition 2018 blog. Here you will find all the updates from the expedition as and when they are received. Please be aware that there will not be an update every single day and that this blog will be the first place that any updates are shared, so make sure you check back in for updates and save this page in your bookmarks. Please note that we receive varying levels of content from our expedition teams depending on the communication limitations of each location.

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Update 09/08/18
After a long trek from Botni to Dyngifell we enjoyed a rest day due to not ascending Askja because of weather conditions. Instead we started our day with a late start then sitting as a team inside a toasty and comfy Dyngifell hut. We then explored the area around the hut after the fog had lifted where we found what can only be described as a castle of caves and boulders. We as a team are extremely eager to climb and conquer our final phase that we have worked so hard for and deserve. 

Final quotes:

Alex “can’t wait to get to the top and excited to get home”
Hamshi “Final countdown”
Maria “the end is nigh”
Charlotte “still loving the rat packs”
Dan “I’m running out of ration packs”
Jack “it’s been a great expedition, can’t wait to get to the top”
Ollie “we haven’t finished yet tho”
James “can’t wait to go up and 17.8 miles back”
Eve “can’t believe I made it”
Jamie “proud of the team and so thankful to do this and conquer the volcano and get home to my family”

Leader quotes
Craig “it’s been a blast”
Dave “the only way is up”

Update 02/08/18
Fire 1 team update: Stormtroopers are into their second week of expedition. So far, we’ve camped in some amazing spots, swum in a freezing river, had a few blisters, eaten plenty of ration packs, played lots of UNO and made it - as a full team - to the top of Askja volcano! Our highlight so far has definitely been looking out across the the crater rim and the lake towards the hot pools and mountains on the other side. To celebrate, we ate hotdogs in a warm hut the next day. We also explored down the valley and around a rock formation known as The Castle.

Now we’re on our way to the mountain, Sellandafjall. Tomorrow is an exciting day - a break from ration packs - fajitas all round - and we’re planning an evening ascent to see the views in the sunset. Then it’s the waterfall phase and back to base camp.

Urgent message for friends and relatives - please prepare real food for our return (especially roast potatoes, Coca Cola and pizza)! 

Update 02/07/18
Fire 2 team update: Our experience in Iceland so far has been more than we could have imagined. From trekking over to spectacular waterfalls - to climbing the mighty sellamdefall mountain which stands at an impressive 900 meters high. The views so far have been out of this world. The weather has been wet, dry, sunny and cold within an hour. 

Team Aim from now - to begin the 3-day hike to Askja volcano and visiting the hot pool called ‘Viti’

Quotes from explores:
Washing hair in rivers gives you brain freeze - Charlotte
Lovely fresh water - Maria
Water is freezing and invigorating - Alex
A once in a lifetime opportunity - Kyle
Loving and missing everyone - Eve
Never thought my shovel would dig so many holes- Jamie
Glad to be doing it for a second time - James

Update 31/07/18
Team update: Both teams are doing well. Fire 1 are heading back from Dingi today after all successfully summiting the volcano. Fire 2 are at advance base camp waiting for weather window to climb a mountain.

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