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Welcome to the Peruvian Amazon expedition blog. Here you will find all the updates from the expedition as and when they are received. Please be aware that there will not be an update every single day and that this blog will be the first place that any updates are shared, so make sure you check back in for updates and save this page in your bookmarks.

Update 24/08/17
The team have been in Salvacion since the 15th doing community work, spending time building a biogarden and working on a agroforestry plot. Finished the community elements by close of play tomorrow.

Some of the expedition team have been working on the science expo and working with the community here to do the show which will take place on the 24th and 25th.

This will include sessions to the young people in the village telling them more about the expedition and what they have been doing in the jungle – including activities, and showing some of the films that have been made on the expedition. In the evening there will be a drop in with people from the community, national park and local government. These sessions will all be delivered in Spanish!

The three-week team have also returned with a video that was made in the jungle with the help of our Media Alex Mallinson. You can watch it here:

British Exploring Peruvian Amazon 2017 from British Exploring on Vimeo.

Update 14/08/17
Chief Leader and team update: Currently at Basecamp everyone is fine. 3 weekers left 2 days ago. Boarded flight and luggage OK. All groups are now back in basecamp after Tour 3 and have been taking apart camp in preparation for the community phase.

Trainee Leaders
TLs following Valencia River. After a night alone in rainforest, nothing but a lighter and a machete to test our survival skills. TLs set off on a 3 day exped to explore Valencia River. On the way we saw some incredible wildlife, geology and landscape evolution. There were many highs, fewer lows, but we have all developed stronger leadership and decision-making skills in tough conditions and a bond that will take us 'there and back again'. Now looking forward to next phase of exped.

Elective Blog (BioBlitz elective)
Set up for wetlands in the pouring rain like hardcore explorers. Saw many frogs and an eel. We were freezing cold in "El Friaje" after so long in the jungle heat.

Maschco Piro Fire
Just returned from 4-day tour of cloud forest. On the pini pini ridge. Saw and held an Amazon tree boa. Finished last night on tour with some stargazing.

Machiguenga Fire
During electives fire spilt into groups. Charlotte, Alec, Sam and John went to pini on an adventure elective. Abi and Otti went on a BioBlitz to explore biodiversity. Bob, Lara, Daisy and Sam did day electives including buttterfly and frog surveys, mapping and baking. For Tour 3 we headed to Pini A and the wetlands seeking the creatures of the Amazon. Otti and Abi led the Fire to the wetlands viewpoints before a star gazing trip on the beach where we saw a viper, pecari and countless frogs.

Update 08/08/17
Chief Leader and Fire udpates: All expeditions Fires are fine, nothing serious to report. Fires are entering into their elective phases, with 2 groups in the field for 3 days. There are teams that stay closer to camp painting, drawing, baking cakes on Wednesday for birthdays, filmmaking, and undertaking specific science and mapping projects. All the teams are engaged and happy.

Weather has been mixed, three or four hours of rain previous night, thirteen hours another night, remarked that the weather forecast he had been given was not the most accurate. On the 10th the teams will have their science and film expo as well as their talent show, with the 3 weekers set to depart on the 11th including a night in Salvacion.

14th will be last day in Basecamp after teams have had their final trips up the ridge to do fieldwork on the rock band. The Trainee Leaders will be setting off on their own mini expedition mapping the other river close to Base Camp, the Valencia.

Machiguenga poem after 1st Tour
Wet day at Pini B,
Muddy paths and sodden feet,
Spirits high with songs from Queen,
Machiguenga: Supreme Team

Poem 2 after Walk to the Wetlands
Early start,
Big trek ahead,
Madre de Dios riverbed,
Marshy wetlands, bugs galore,
Night Trek only revealed more!

Maschco Piro
Mapped unexplored kilometre of the Olivetti river, howler monkeys all night and found puma paw prints and snakes on their walks. Highlight has definitely been jungle banoffee pie.

Qero Brew count now at 1628,
Slept under stars at wetlands and saw a caiman. Lots of walking, feeling very tired, eating too many crackers. Saw a snake and some tapir poo, everyone happy and healthy

Ese Eiia
We moved camp to the high ground (Pini B) it was light and open and full of sweat bees. We hacked a path through the jungle and found the source of the Olivetti River.

Update 02/08/17
Machiguenga Fire: Jungle. Spiders. Ants. Monkeys. Butterflies. Rain. Darkness. Rustling eyes. Hiking through the woods, observing where the trees stood, a monkey swings, Machiguenga sings, all is very good.

Maschco Piro Fire: 5 days, 5 species of monkey, completed jungle training, and now going to trek to satellite camp and stay there for 3 days, mapping a river that has not been mapped before.

Quero Fire: Day 6, still fighting an army of leaf cutter ants devouring our equipment and morale. Nothing a good brew can’t cure. Everything going well. "everything can be done, but not all at once" - a Fernando quote and Quero Fires new mantra

Ese Ejja Fire: Greetings families, we're doing alright- ants have only eaten half our tents. Love you lots, Ese Ejja

Basecamp Team: Everything fine, everyone is alright, a little less muddy than we have been.

Update 28/07/17

Blog entry from Chief Leader James Dyer: Everyone has arrived safely at Basecamp. Yesterday was spent reorganising camp after some damp and wet weather. Team is all good and in good spirits despite something of a tough introduction to jungle living due to the wet weather and lack of moon making it extremely dark at night - some finding it a bit of a culture shock but otherwise good. 

Wet weather has brought all lots of insects out including leaf cutter ants that like to attack kit on occasions. All good fun and part of jungle living. Teams are continuing jungle training in and around base camp today and tomorrow before heading out for first mini excursions and satellite camps on Sunday. Pini B ridge access is currently out due to the weather conditions so the team will monitor that. 

Plenty of good options for initial exploring and excursions to begin with. All good!

Update 27/07/17
Team update: The Amazon team have arrived safely in Peru following their flight from London on Monday.

Image credit - Andy Browning 

Update 19/07/17
Team update: Our Amazon Advance Party team left the UK on Monday afternoon and have now arrived safely in Cusco. 

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