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Welcome to the Peruvian Amazon 2018 blog. Here you will find all the updates from the expedition as and when they are received. Please be aware that there will not be an update every single day and that this blog will be the first place that any updates are shared, so make sure you check back in for updates and save this page in your bookmarks. Please note that we receive varying levels of content from our expedition teams depending on the communication limitations of each location.

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Update 17/08/18

The 3-week team have returned safely back to the UK. The remaining members of the expedition are currently enjoying exploring away from base camp. Teams are due to return to base camp today for a well deserved rest and to plan the next phase of their itinerary. All is well.

Update 10/08/18
The Amazon team have spent the last couple of days doing their second wave of electives. This has included the village elders are coming to meet human impact team who have been looking at ways to minimise the expeditions footprint around basecamp. The teams have been doing lots of surveying - including bats, fish and large mammals. The Media Leader has been running lots of projects and there has been some amazing photography as well as a lot of media interviews. One the elective groups lead by Charles, Derek and Peter has been exploring the jungle and 'learning to test their limits'.

The electives will conclude with spending time with some of the locals, including some of the local children, to share their experiences. The three week expedition team will begin their journey back to Iquitos over the weekend.

Update 02/08/18
Humboldt Fire update: Top five survival tips - DEET, DEET, DEET, DEET and Carlos (our jungle master guide).

Update 01/08/18
Chief Leader update: All Fires in base camp after successful tours. Ocelot and possum on camera trap footage. Heavy overnight rain but spirits high. Preparing for next tour. 

Update 30/07/18
Team update:  The sound of a thousand cormorants taking off drowns the bray of the donkey bird as grey and pink dolphin cavort within sight of base camp. Fires go through final preparations for first tours. Those with birthdays have enjoyed home made cakes. 

Update 24/07/18
Team update:  The team have arrived safely in Iquitos and are on their way to spend their first evening in the jungle.

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