What does a Young Explorer look like?

May 1

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01 May 2019 12:39  RssIcon

By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, British Exploring Society CEO

The modern Young Explorer doesn’t have a particular ‘look’ or background. They don’t go to a particular kind of school. They are ambitious, of course - and prepared to tackle the challenges of the outdoors and the wilderness in order to discover their own potential. Other than that - I’d be hard put to create a profile for you.

You’d need our new Young Explorers to be wearing their smart new explorer t-shirts to be sure they were about to start on a journey with us. They all have amazing stories to tell. Roesie, the gifted blind photographer currently barrelling through training for Infinity this summer has a growing Instagram following of other explorers including some illustrious British Exploring Society Members. She joins many other photographers who have honed their skills on expedition with us over the decades. Others may want to deepen their environmental knowledge or build their confidence for the workplace. Others still are already thinking about a career in the outdoors.

The young people at our Explorer training weekend in Oxford last week came from every corner of the UK - and a few from further afield. Their experiences of adolescence are massively different - and their ambitions too. It was a joy to welcome every single one of them.

I am very proud to be part of an organisation with a vision for exploration which is as ambitious as ever - which has a place for everyone - and which believes as passionately as ever in the importance of real challenge and wilderness adventure as a cornerstone of learning.

Our commitment to making real adventure and our unique kind of expedition experience available to young people from every area of society feels completely right for today and the future - and we are so grateful that our amazing Leaders are doing so much to help us ensure that our enduring organisation will remain powerfully relevant for the future.

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