Why we need your support

​British Exploring Society runs unique expeditions which develop the confidence, teamwork, leadership and resilience of those taking part and extend and enhance their understanding of the world around them. Participants describe their experience, and more importantly the impact on their lives and futures, as life-changing.​ Read more about the impact of our expeditions here

Through over 80 years of working in remote wildernesses, we have developed a unique, robust model of youth development which works particularly well for young people lacking strong role models, exhibiting high-risk behaviours or low self-esteem. As an organisation we aim to recruit more young people on our expeditions to ensure a wider societal benefit. Our mission is to deliver exceptional learning with permanent change to an increasing number and diversity of young people through the medium of exploration.

We can’t do what we do without the generous help from our supporters and volunteers. Whether you would like to support a specific expedition, one of our Explorers, our Explorer Miles social action initiative, or the organisation as a whole, you can do so through making a donation or participating in one of our annual fundraising events. Your support enables us to reach more and more young people across the UK.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss how you, or your organisation, can support British Exploring, please contact our CEO Honor Wilson-Fletcher via Honor@britishexploring.org  

''I am incredibly proud of the work that British Exploring Society does. It is an enormous pleasure too see this Society in such good health'
- Patron-in-Chief HRH The Duke of York, KG


Your donation, big or small enables us to continue to offer life-changing expeditions where our Explorers enhance their education and personal development through scientific exploration. You can donate now by clicking here, or visit our donate page to find out more about the various ways you can donate.


Those who have completed a British Exploring expedition are entitled to Full Membership of the Society. If you would like to support the Society, but have not been on an expedition with us, you can sign up to become an Associate Member. Click here for further details and to become a member.

Why should you support British Exploring? Watch this short video to get a better understanding of our approach to youth development and how our unique expeditionary model can benefit young people from all areas of society.

Our Strategy

We want to be able to provide more opportunities each year for young people to benefit from our expeditions and we will be engaging with considerably more through partnership work in the UK. 

Our plan retains our total commitment to our founding idea; to provide exciting, challenging, life-changing expeditions in wild and remote overseas locations for young people. We also remain committed to the idea that our work should benefit young people from every area of society.

We believe that society needs adventurous, resilient, independent thinkers and adaptable team players more than ever. The British Exploring experience provides an almost unique opportunity for young people to discover their capabilities at key points in their transition to adulthood. Click here to download a summary of our strategy for the next 5 years. 

Fundraising Events

Throughout the year we take part in a number of events across the country that are open to our current explorers, alumni and friends. If you are planning your own fundraising event then please get in touch so we can help you with your challenge, or answer any questions you may have. Visit our fundraising events page to find out more 

Our Supporters and Sponsors

We are fortunate to receive the support of a wide range of organisations who share our values in youth development and using expedition as a means to engage and support young people. Visit our Charitable Trusts and Corporate Partners page, or our Sponsors page to find out who we work with and how you can partner with us.  

Annual Review 2016 - 2017

Find out more about what we do, our aims, our people and our 2017 expeditions and year by reading our Annual Review. Download a copy via the button below.