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£3 a month could help ensure a young person leaving care is able to participate on our programmes, giving them a chance to build a brighter future for themselves.
£5 a month could help pay for the emergency mobile operations room for a day, enabling communications for Explores across the globe and acting as a vital safety tool.
£10 a month could help enable young people with disabilities, long term health issues and learning difficulties embark on a land and sea voyage.
£5 could pay for a support pack for a young person, containing the resource materials necessary for their personal development.
£10 could enable a young person to attend our Next Steps event, which focuses on their future and how they adapt their newfound skills.
£25 could help pay for a class that develops vulnerable young people’s confidence and skills, giving them belief in themselves.
£50 could help pay towards Leader training to help support vulnerable young people, or those with additional needs.
£100 could support a bursary to ensure a young person with behavioural difficulties can afford to go on an expedition that will build their life-skills, resilience and confidence.
There are many more disadvantaged young people who would benefit from the transformative experience we offer - please help change a life.