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British Exploring Society provides many places on expedition to some of the most disadvantaged young people on the margins of society. These young people wouldn’t have been able to take part without the generosity of our Members, Supporters, Sponsors and Partner organisations. They participate in challenging adventures in wild and remote locations, combined with unbeatable opportunities for learning and personal development.

We know our expeditions work. All our young people tell us they feel better able to pursue their ambitions and take positive steps for their future. 95% of young people who are not in education or employment will be back in work, education or training within 3 months of completing a British Exploring Society programme*.

*Refers to DNG programme for young people classified at NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Give Monthly

£3 a month could support a workshop to help young people develop leadership skills – boosting their confidence and life chances.
£5 a month could pay for intensive first aid training for a leader to provide immediate medical treatment for a young person in the case of an accident or emergency.
£10 a month could pay for a basic all-weather kit for one young person - comprising of boots, socks, jacket, trousers and a rucksack – to protect them from the elements.

Give a Single Gift/Annually

£20 as a one-off gift could help inspire young people to take part in a programme, which will change their lives and improve their future opportunities, by paying for a development workshop.
There are many young people who would benefit from the transformative experience we offer. Please give what you can.
£100 a year could support a bursary to ensure a young person can afford to go on an Expedition that will build their life-skills, resilience, confidence and that will transform their life.

Become a British Exploring Society Patron

British Exploring Society patrons programme has been established to ensure we can transform more young lives. We very much hope you will consider joining this special group of British Exploring Society supporters and we look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Many of the young people who would most benefit from our work lack the significant financial resources necessary to participate. They have been excluded from opportunities throughout their childhood for similar reasons. Our patrons remove this barrier.

By joining a community of generous supporters, we can help more young people build their confidence, understand and develop their potential and secure themselves a more positive future.

By leaving a gift to British Exploring Society in your Will you can make a crucial difference to our work with young people from all parts of society. Our Fundraising team will be happy to discuss how your gift could help, and invite you to discover first-hand the positive impact legacies make to our work. You can call Jess on 020 7591 3142 or send her an email at