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British Exploring Society runs unique expeditions which develop the confidence, teamwork, leadership and resilience of those taking part and extend and enhance their understanding of the world around them. Participants describe their experience, and more importantly the impact on their lives and futures, as life-changing.​

Our society 

Through 80 years of working in remote wildernesses, we have developed a unique, robust model of youth development which works particularly well for young people lacking strong role models, exhibiting high-risk behaviours or low self-esteem. As an organisation we aim to recruit more young people on our expeditions as to ensure a wider societal benefit. Our mission is to deliver exceptional learning with permanent change to an increasing number and diversity of young people through the medium of exploration.


Our programmes

The British Exploring Society have established several transformative programmes which engage, inspire and develop the confidence and resilience of young people through educative overseas expeditions. 

​The demonstrable success of our programmes inspires us to expand what we offer so that more people can take the opportunity to make change in their lives. We require sustained financial assistance to transform a growing number of young people's futures. 
Read more about our programmes here


Explorer Miles Bursary

By donating to the Explorer Miles Bursary you can make taking part in an expedition a realistic and achievable goal for everyone, no matter their domestic or financial circumstances. Partnered with vinspired, we offer bursaries to our Explorers to help them fund the cost of their expedition through social action. To be eligible for the bursary, Explorers must dedicate their spare time to a volunteering project in their local community before embarking on their expedition.  Read more about Explorer Miles here


Our leaders 

We are proud to recruit leaders who have the ability to inspire, motivate and encourage young people in a safe and challenging environment. ​Our leaders are some of the best in their fields who dedicate their time to British Exploring as they fundamentally believe in the expedition being an excellent learning platform for young people. Our staff and leaders share a great enthusiasm for adventure and wilderness, and a willingness and ability to share this with a younger generation. 
All of our leaders are volunteers who contribute towards the cost of their flight and kit used on expedition. Read more about this incredible group of people here.