Adventure forms a key part of our expeditions, allowing us to access, explore and discover some of the most remote and wild environments on the planet. We believe that overcoming the physical challenge of living in such environments, combined with the opportunity to undertake unique adventurous activities such as summiting volcanic peaks, glacier and high altitude trekking, jungle exploration, ice climbing and sea kayaking provides unrivalled opportunity for personal development, and ensures our explorers return with a real sense of personal achievement. Read some of our adventure leaders’ biographies below.

Robert Lavin

Chief Mountaineer: India 2009, Norway 2013

Robert is a keen climber and mountaineer with expeditions to the Andes and the Pamir under his belt. He has also participated in a number of scientific expeditions to Central America, Africa and Norway. When not thinking about how to line up his next expedition, he spends his working days teaching Fieldwork to all ages of students at the Blencathra Centre in the Lake District.

Kate Gilbert

Fire Leader - Adventure : Iceland 2013, India 2014

Kate spent her childhood being dragged up various British mountains and since then her love of mountaineering has taken her all over the world, from South America, to New Zealand and Outer Mongolia. Having recently completed her master’s degree in Outdoor Education Kate now works as a teacher in London, running her own expedition society within the school.