Creative media skills

On all British Exploring expeditions our Explorers have the opportunity to take part in a range of creative media projects, from photography, videography, writing, presenting and sketching. As an organisation we strongly value the importance of both providing an opportunity to capture, communicate and share an individual’s experience of an expedition, as well as supporting the development of a valuable professional and life skill. Explorers are encouraged to follow their individual interests while on expedition. In 2016 explorers took part in a range of projects, from capturing their expedition through photography and sketching, to creating video projects to give an overview of their expedition, or write, present and film their own top-tips.

Our Explorers benefit from having the expert knowledge and instruction of our Creative Media Leaders, who are on hand to help Explorers understand how to record their experience and develop their understating of media technology and concepts. 

Amazon 2016 media project - Jungle Minutes

On our Amazon 2016 expedition, our explorers with the support of our Media Leaders created a project called Jungle Minutes. These are mini videos written, filmed and presented by our explorers whilst in the Peruvian jungle.

In this clip one of our explorers, Jess, is giving her tips on how to manage insect bites, while other Jungle Minutes covered hydration, evacuation, storms and various others jungle focused topics. 

Himalaya 2016 media project

A fantastic video project from Himalaya 2016 explorer Rhys. Rhys has a real passion for videography and used both his own footage and clips taken by his fellow explorers to make his short expedition overview video.

Rhys did all the editing by himself, creating a project that provides an overview of the whole expedition, including travel, scientific research, hiking and much more.

Our Creative Media Leaders

We are fortunate to work with a number of talented Creative Media Leaders, whom each have impressive backgrounds in both the world of media and within expeditions. Take a look at the below biographies from our Himalaya 2016 Creative Media Leader, Belinda Dixon and one of our Amazon 2016 Creative Media Leaders, Johnny Fenn, for a better understanding.

Himalaya 2016 Creative Media Leader - Belinda Dixon

Belinda is a travel writer with Lonely Planet – commissions have taken her to places as diverse as Italy, Ireland and Essex. She’s also completed assignments for Rough Guides, in Norway, Spain, France and Austria. Belinda broadcasts on local BBC Radio, teaches and much more.

"Stories are about journeys - they need a beginning, a middle and an end. Capture the stages of your journey as you experience them - even if it's just in a photo or a few words."

Amazon 2016 Creative Media Leader - Johnny Fenn

Johnny is a commercial photographer specialising in adventure and expedition photography. He has travelled all over the world including Norway, Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Libya, Afghanistan, Peru and the Arctic. He has a client list that includes Coca-Cola, the House of Lords, EFG Bank, Fishmongers’ Hall, Lidl, and Help 4 Heroes.

"An expedition is a great place to improve all aspects of media skills because a.  there are some experts on hand and b. the opportunities to see interesting and beautiful things are unsurpassed."