We are proud to be supported by leading explorers who share our commitment to expeditions as a platform for exceptional youth development. From Pen Hadow’s record as the first person to trek solo to the Pole, to Ed Stafford’s Guinness World Record for the first full length walk of the Amazon it is impossible not to be inspired by our patrons' achievements.

Bear Grylls

- Survival and outdoor adventurer

With countless books and television series under his belt, Bear has become a household name, but it is his expeditions including summiting Everest and crossing the North Atlantic that blow us away.

Speaking kindly on British Exploring, Bear has said that "British Exploring gives those young people with a dream the chance to explore some of the world's most remote regions. With that exploration, I have found, so often comes a sense of pride and achievement - and that is the real magic of British Exploring. It builds the champions and explorers of the future"