Our Strategy

When we started considering our plans for the future we first considered our values, our heritage, and what we believe in. This is captured in Our Vision. We then moved on to agreeing how we were going to bring that vision to life and set ourselves Goals. The first five years of our plan are now in place.

The plan retains our total commitment to our founding idea; to provide exciting, challenging, life-changing expeditions in wild and remote overseas locations for young people. We also remain committed to the idea that our work should benefit young people from every area of society. We believe that society needs adventurous, resilient, independent thinkers and adaptable team players more than ever. The British Exploring experience provides an almost unique opportunity for young people to discover their capabilities at key points in their transition to adulthood.

We want to be able to provide more opportunities each year for young people to benefit from that experience. We will be engaging with considerably more through partnership work in the UK. By then we will be running around 18 expeditions at points throughout the year. Our expeditions will be an approximately 50/50 mixture, as now, of ‘open’ – to which any young person can apply – and ‘invited’ – arranged in partnership with other organisations to meet the needs of specific groups of young people.