As a charity, we've been building stronger futures since 1932. We take young people to wild and remote locations.

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“It smashes down barriers, builds resilience, boosts confidence and self-esteem…”

– Chloe Moul, Senior Social Leader


Many young people face difficulties accessing life-defining programmes like ours. We remove obstacles where we can. This is why no one pays for their place with us.


With no government funding, the generosity of our donors makes every opportunity we provide possible.



As a charity, we work with partners to open up opportunities for young people to discover remote and challenging parts of the world – places like the Canadian Yukon and Iceland.


Is for all young people to be able to contribute confidently in the world. We want equal access to challenging learning and adventure in the wilderness as an unbeatable preparation for adult life.


Is to grow and celebrate a diverse, inclusive community of young people with the skills, resilience and determination to make lasting positive decisions in their own lives, and to deliver community benefit and positive environmental change.

Our Impact in 2022

We believe that young people need the right skills, behaviours, and confidence to tackle contemporary challenges and opportunities. In assessing impact, we consider our success in supporting young people to acquire these skills, behaviours, and confidence through our programmes.


Young people took part in one or more activities with us


Of Young Explorers who joined an expedition have a total household income of less than £23,000 a year or they are a looked after child.


of Young Explorers identify as coming from ethnic minority backgrounds.


of Young Explorers declared they had a disability or long term health condition.

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