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At British Exploring Society, we take young people to extraordinary destinations, both in terms of the places they visit and in their own lives.

  • Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Statement from the CEO, Honor Wilson-Fletcher, April 2020

    In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, British Exploring Society is cancelling all overseas activity in 2020.  We took the tough decision as a team, in full support of efforts across the world to contain the spread of the disease.

    We must all do everything we can to help ease the pressure on local health services everywhere.  Many of our amazing expedition Leaders are front-line medical staff and need to focus on their vital life-saving work.

    Although we’re clear that this is the right course of action, we also understand the impact it will have on our community and in particular, on the young people whose planned expeditions are now no longer possible.

    The only other time in our 90-year history we had to take similar action was during the Second World War – which speaks to the gravity of the situation we all face.

    This time, however, in addition to trying to ensure expedition opportunities for existing Young Explorers at a later date, we have the capacity to provide adventure and opportunities for learning in the UK right now, so we’re now focused on developing new ways to support the Young Explorers who had made a commitment to go on expedition with us this year.

    We’re developing interactive adventures. We’ll use this new approach to reach young people and to continue to engage and challenge them through a difficult summer. Through it, we’ll also maintain their connection with our inspirational Leaders. We hope to provide UK Expeditions and Expedition workshops as soon as restrictions on social interaction are lifted and official guidance provides that it is safe to do so.

    We are committed to maintaining a positive outlook throughout. Social distancing and the wider coronavirus response will severely limit opportunities for young people in the coming months, and we’re determined to be part of the solution.  We’re optimistic that the acts of generosity which have always been a defining feature of our community will help us deliver some genuinely exciting activities this year.

    This is a huge challenge – but challenge is what British Exploring Society is all about – so we’re determined to emerge stronger from this.



As a charity, we work with partners to open up opportunities for young people to discover remote and challenging parts of the world – places like the Canadian Yukon and the Peruvian Amazon.

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On expedition, everyone is out of their comfort zone and that’s a great leveller. People’s expectations of themselves and other people are challenged. New alliances are forged, experiences shared and futures are shaped.


Young Explorers took part in an expedition programme last year


of our Young Explorers came from areas of multiple deprivation


of Young Explorers identified as coming from BAME backgrounds


of Young Explorers identified that they had a disability or long-term health condition

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