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At British Exploring Society, we take young people to extraordinary destinations, both in terms of the places they visit and in their own lives.

  • How do we know whether COVID-19 will prevent us exploring the Yukon or Namibia?

    British Exploring Society is committed to providing transformative adventures for young people.  It’s what we’re here for. Since we were founded, the percentage of the globe covered by genuine wilderness has halved, so finding remote, pathless places to explore is a greater challenge. In this, as in all planning, we work closely with technical advisors, local, national and international expert sources of information. We look at geo-political factors, flora and fauna, access to medical and fresh food supplies and the landscape itself. This takes time – and as we learn, of course, our plans change. Many factors are outside our control. A landslide or the closing of a border or COVID-19 could change our plans in a moment.

    By proceeding to recruit for our expeditions in 2021 we are not ignoring the seriousness of the pandemic we’re living through. Our first priority will always be the safety of the young people we work with and of the teams who support them. We are however used to living with change. If we cannot make it to a particular destination, which sometimes happens, we’ll endeavour to take you somewhere else equally challenging. We cannot bend the weather or the natural world to our will – so we work with them.  Explorers have always understood this.

    But none of this stops us moving forward. Planning expeditions is a lengthy business – so if we don’t press ahead now, and start to get to know you and prepare you for an expedition soon, it will be another year before we can start you on a journey with us – and we think that’s too long to wait.



As a charity, we work with partners to open up opportunities for young people to discover remote and challenging parts of the world – places like the Canadian Yukon and Namibia.

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Explore with us and you will be challenged. You’ll have to dig deep but we know that you’ll find qualities within yourself that will surprise you.


An amazing and fantastic life-changing experience.

Morgen - Amazon 2018

Our Impact

On expedition, everyone is out of their comfort zone and that’s a great leveller. People’s expectations of themselves and other people are challenged. New alliances are forged, experiences shared and futures are shaped.


Young Explorers took part in an expedition programme last year


of our Young Explorers came from areas of multiple deprivation


of Young Explorers identified as coming from BAME backgrounds


of Young Explorers identified that they had a disability or long-term health condition

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