A Base Camp Tour in Kyrgyzstan

By British Exploring Society,
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Have you ever wondered what a British Exploring Society base camp looks like? Well look no further.

On the 2022 Kyrgyzstan expedition, the Young Explorers decided to create a quick video tour of their expedition home in the At-Bashi mountains to give you a glimpse of what day-to-day life looked like between their tours out into the wilderness.

A special shout-out goes to Knowledge Leader Emma Plant, who helped the Young Explorers film and edit this video all on location in Kyrgyzstan using just a smartphone.

During an expedition, Young Explorers will have the chance to work on various science or media projects that will be shaped and led by their Knowledge Leader. These projects help them learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of the environment around them.


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What is a Base Camp?

In British Exploring Society, we tend to organise our expeditions around a central Base Camp.

A Base Camp is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a camp which acts as a “home base” from which the Young Explorers plan and carry out their tours into the wilderness, usually spending between 2 and 5 nights away at a time.

The basecamp is there for logistical and safety reasons. It gives Young Explorers a chance to resupply and rest between their tours before planning their next move.

To help minimise our environmental impact when operating in the remote wilderness, our Young Explorers and Leaders adopt a ‘leave no trace’ approach on all our expeditions. At base camps there are no permanent buildings, and everyone sleeps in tents. We dig temporary pit toilets and where possible collect water for drinking and cooking from nearby rivers. During your time on expedition, you and your team can learn more about the different ways we can help reduce the effect we have on the environment and put these methods into practice.

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