workshop facilitators

We understand that getting outdoors or joining an expedition programme is often a big step for many young people. We deliver dynamic, hands-on Expeditions Workshops using materials from our ‘in the field’ programmes in schools and organisations to foster confidence, decision-making and team work in young people. The workshops are designed so that participants might go on to consider further adventure and enrichment options in the outdoors, including potentially an expedition programme with us.

These stand-alone, fun and engaging workshops benefit from the 90 years of experience we have in delivering adventurous learning and helping young people to develop necessary skills, and gain a greater understanding of what an expedition would really be like. The intention by the end of the workshop is that participants can imagine themselves as Young Explorers.

We are looking for Workshop Facilitators to join our enthusiastic and collaborative team. The right candidates will lead on the delivery of our Expeditions Workshops in schools and organisations in locations across the UK. This role will also signpost young people to appropriate future opportunities with the charity.

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head of expeditions

The Head of Expeditions combines wide experience, the ability to prioritise significant detail and excellent critical judgement with a capacity for pragmatism and dynamic risk assessment. They are motivated by the opportunities we can provide to the young people we serve, and by the leaders we are lucky enough to work with.  They oversee the delivery of all international, domestic and online adventures and expedition programmes and their associated training.  Line managing a team of Expedition managers, coordinators and administrators, the Head of Expeditions is responsible for overseeing the design and delivery of processes across the team and, through expedition managers, all our expeditions.

As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Head of Expeditions contributes to organisational strategy and plays a key role in liaison and reporting to the board of trustees on operational and safeguarding matters. They work with the Operations Sub-Committee throughout the year.

The closing date and time for applications is Friday 28th October at 5.30pm.

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Skills Development officer

The Skills Development Officer is responsible for tracking and supporting Young Explorers as they prepare for their expedition. This includes supporting Young Explorers to complete the essential requirements to go on expedition including having a valid passport, completing VISA applications, sourcing vaccination appointments, organising expedition kit and supporting Young Explorers to feel physically fit and mentally ready for their adventure. There is a huge amount of growth and opportunity in this role and the right candidate will have creative scope to shape how they deliver the outcomes.

The closing date and time for applications is Monday 31st October 2022 at 5:30pm.

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Senior Office and HR Coordinator

This varied role is responsible for ensuring that our office runs smoothly, and that key corporate and HR processes and procedures comply with the law, our policies and agreed internal standards.

Working with everyone, you will need to quickly understand the context of our work and the confidence and capacity to develop trusting relationships with stakeholders at every level.  You will have an appetite for detail, and a focus on standards.

The closing date and time for applications is 5.50pm Wednesday 12th October.

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Our Leaders are a diverse bunch but what they all share is a commitment to challenging and supporting our Young Explorers, to sensitively testing their boundaries and to helping them develop key life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and adaptability, which in turn allow self-confidence to flourish.

Each expedition is different, and some require certain skills or experience due to the terrain, the climate, the type of transport used and in some cases, the specific group of young people who are going on the expedition. In all roles, preference will be given to those with direct relevant experience although we will provide comprehensive training if you’re selected. If you have a love of nature and adventure, and the ability or potential to inspire, motivate, and encourage young people, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in joining an expedition as a volunteer Leader, click here.