Senior Manager, Young People

We run programmes for young people aged 16-25, reaching out to disadvantaged young people on the margins of society. This includes young people in foster care, leaving care, not in education or employment, those with behavioural, physical, or mental health challenges. They are recruited individually, but principally depend on referrals from youth organisations, schools and other interested organisations who we work with as partners to ensure positive outcomes for the young people we recruit together. This postholder will lead the Young People team to ensure safe, appropriate, and empathetic recruitment and sustained engagement of young people to positively participate in our programmes.

Applications close 28th February 2024. 

Interviews will take place at our office in South Kensington.


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Kit Stores Coordinator

In this role, you would work part time to maintain our kit stores provision safely, with the support of our Programmes team. We are looking for a Coordinator who is focused on detail, confident, full of initiative, and capable of thriving in a flexible role with limited supervision.

Applications close 18th March 2024. 

Actively interviewing – For this role we are scheduling interviews as applications are being received.

Interviews will take place in person at our office in South Kensington.


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Curriculum, Impact and Training Manager

In this role, you would work with the programmes team to develop new educational content, deliver training workshops to volunteers, lead volunteer recruitment and oversee our impact framework.

Applications are now closed. 

Interviews will take place at our office in South Kensington.


Volunteer Expedition Leaders

Our Leaders are a diverse bunch but what they all share is a commitment to challenging and supporting our Young Explorers, to sensitively testing their boundaries and to helping them develop key life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and adaptability, which in turn allow self-confidence to flourish.

Each expedition is different, and some require certain skills or experience due to the terrain, the climate, the type of transport used and in some cases, the specific group of young people who are going on the expedition. In all roles, preference will be given to those with direct relevant experience although we will provide comprehensive training if you’re selected. If you have a love of nature and adventure, and the ability or potential to inspire, motivate, and encourage young people, we’d love to hear from you.


If you are interested in joining an expedition as a volunteer Leader, click here

Explorer Ambassadors

Joining an expedition is a big step for many young people.

Can you remember what it was like to take that first step? Do you remember some of the worries that you had along the journey to expedition? Can you articulate the benefits of joining a British Exploring Society expedition and what you took away from the experience?

British Exploring Society are looking for enthusiastic Members who went on expedition from 2018 onwards to enhance our social media presence, to make creative content or share your experience on expedition with other young people. If you have a passion for the outdoors and are enthusiastic about using your platform, creative ideas or your story to encourage and inspire more young people about the benefits of adventurous learning then we would like to hear from you.


If you are interested in becoming an Explorer Ambassador, get in touch