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Membership of British Exploring Society is attained by taking part in one of our Expedition programmes. Our community of explorers, which has been growing since we led our first Expedition in 1932, now has over 8000 members and for most, that first wilderness adventure with us was life-defining, and will continue to influence the person they are today.

Our Members

Together our community of explorers works hard to make sure that the expedition experience we provide is accessible to an ever more diverse range of young people – many of whom would not be able to participate without significant financial support. Our Members are already champions of this drive for accessibility and have made it clear that they want to support future members on their expeditionary journey, and throughout life.

Following changes to our governing documents in 2017, we have made the decision to remove membership fees and to give access to our Members Newsletter and to our discounts at outdoor clothing suppliers to all Members without charge.

Give back to the charity

As a member of British Exploring Society, we would like to ask you to continue to support us by replacing your fee with a donation to our Explorers Fund. The fund helps support young people leaving care, not in education, and those with physical disabilities who can now experience our programmes alongside a wide range of young people from across the education sector. We continue to support outdoor leaders of the future, too, though our newly upgraded Trainee Leader programme.

By donating as little as £3 a month you can contribute directly to a more positive future for a young person.

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Supporting our work

If you have not been on expedition with us, but would like to support British Exploring Society, please sign up to our Regular Giving. As 90% of schools in this country do not provide any access to outdoor learning experiences, the need is greater than ever, so we would like to ask you to consider helping us to help more young people acquire invaluable life skills to help them throughout their futures.

We depend on the very generous support of our Members, supporters, sponsors and partner organisations. Your donation big or small will enable us to continue to offer life-changing expeditions to our Explorers.


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