BBC Radio 4 Appeal

By British Exploring Society,
charity update

Our BBC Radio 4 Appeal is now live.  British Exploring Society Member Andy Serkis shares why he’s supporting our Appeal and how you can help. If you missed our Appeal broadcast on Sunday, you still have an opportunity to hear it live on Thursday 3rd November at 3.27pm or you can listen to Andy now.

Listen to the Appeal here

Inspired to donate?

Our Appeal closed at midnight on Saturday 5th November. However, If you feel inspired after listening to what Andy had to say, you can still make a donation to support our work by clicking here.

If you have already donated to our Appeal, thank you.

Your donation will help give more young people the opportunity to gain new skills and learn about themselves and the habitats they are exploring. Most importantly, they can move beyond the limits of what they – and society – thought possible for them. This has never been more important or relevant than now.