Calling for nominations for Fellowship to British Exploring Society

By British Exploring Society,

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Would you like us to recognise the contribution of someone you know?
We have been very fortunate to have passionate advocates for our work throughout our history. Three years ago we created Fellowship to provide proper thanks for lasting, significant and on-going contributions to the advancement of our work as a charity, or to recognise individual achievement in a field which aligns with our charitable work. British Exploring Society Fellowship is the only honorary title for which a living individual may be nominated and we are very proud to have welcomed a small group of exceptional individuals to become our Fellows so far.

Who are our Fellows?
Click here to have a look at the remarkable group of people who are our current Fellows.

Who selects and decides on the election of Fellows?
Nominations can be made by Council members, staff, volunteers, partner organisations or Explorers. Council members cannot be nominated to become a Fellow. Ex-Council members may be nominated once a period of 12 months has elapsed since stepping down from Council. Any individual who meets the criteria can themselves ask to be considered for Fellowship if they have a supporter for nomination. Fellowship is ultimately awarded by Council. The title of Fellow could be attainable by any individual involved in its work: staff, volunteers, partners, donors, patrons and Explorers. Fellowship will be granted in relation to exceptional contribution. It is not bestowed for seniority or longevity of service.

Attributes which support nomination
In considering individuals for Fellowship of British Exploring Society, Council will take account of the individual’s contribution (as outlined above) and their likely future contributions as an ambassador for the charity.

What are we recognising through Fellowship?
The contribution that is recognised by Fellowship will be in a field that aligns with our work. This may include education, youth development, social work, fund-raising, training, leadership, expedition design, science, geology, medicine, or enterprise. The nominee’s contribution could be through:

  • Individual/exceptional leadership/endeavour in expeditions
  • Significant research
  • The effective leadership and organisation, enabling, design, dissemination or promotion of the work of British Exploring Society
  • The promotion of expeditionary and adventurous learning generally

Find out more about the criteria for Fellows in the application form here. The closing date for nominations is Saturday 14th October at 5.30pm.