Changes to Membership

By Sam Drawbridge,
Membership Officer

Following changes to our governing documents in 2017, we have made the decision to remove Membership fees and to give access to our Members magazine and newsletter, and to our discounts at outdoor clothing suppliers to all Members without charge. We wanted Membership of British Exploring Society to be more inclusive, in line with our beliefs and those of our Members, which is why we moved away from the traditional ‘pay to play’ model.

Now, every Young Explorer, Trainee Leader or Leader who participated on an expedition with a sufficient degree of engagement and commitment (in recent history or the past) is awarded Membership, making them lifelong Members of British Exploring Society. If you would like to support us in other ways, please consider a regular donation to our Explorers Fund. The fund supports young people leaving care, not in education, and those with physical disabilities – many of whom would not be able to participate without significant financial support.

As 90% of schools in this country do not provide any access to outdoor learning experiences, the need is greater than ever, so we would like to ask you to consider helping us to help more young people acquire invaluable life skills to help them throughout their futures.

Thank you.