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Explore the Icelandic wilderness and learn to live outdoors.

With approximately 30 active volcanoes, steaming geysers, hot springs, and bubbling mud pools, Iceland is one of the most geologically active places on Earth. A true land of ‘fire and ice’, this awe inspiring landscape is also home to Europe’s most powerful waterfalls, largest desert and largest ice cap outside the poles.

By accepting the challenge of joining the Dangoor Next Generation programme, you will have the opportunity to camp out in the wild near glacial melt rivers for drinking water and washing. Your team will set out from Base Camp to tackle mountain ascents and awe-inspiring canyons with amazing rock formations.

Led by experts, the expedition has been designed to take you out of your comfort zone (there will be tough climbs as well as unforgettable highs) in a challenging yet safe environment, with a real focus on the skills and personal development you will gain from the experience. The safety and support of our Explorers is the cornerstone on which we build and develop an expedition from conception through to departure and return.

The vast majority of young people return from our expeditions with a wealth of new-found practical skills, new friends-for-life and a real sense of personal development – all of which can have tangible benefits for the future.

  • Applications open for 2023
  • Age 16-21
  • Explorers to fundraise towards the charity
  • 27th July - 17th August 2023 3 Weeks
  • Iceland
  • Visa not required for British passport holders
  • Some vaccinations are needed (further details given nearer the time)

It's changed the way I look at my future. I now feel confident in myself and my ability to push my limits.

John - Young Explorer Dangoor Next Generation 2018

What's Included?

  • An adventurous expedition programme built on 90 years of experience
  • A UK expedition to prepare you for going overseas
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation (tents) and food for the duration of the programme
  • Supervision from a qualified leadership team including Adventure Leaders, Youth Leaders and a Doctor
  • Provision for the training and orientation phase including expedition safety, first aid and navigation.
  • Use of equipment necessary for the completion of the expedition including tents, cooking equipment, sleeping bags, compasses and navigation equipment and safety equipment as necessary
  • Waterproof trousers, waterproof jacket, walking boots and socks and large rucksack for the UK training and Iceland expedition
  • Flights and coach travel within Iceland

What's Involved?

  • Challenge yourself physically and mentally to try something new
  • Meet new people from all over the country and make friends for life
  • Explore the natural world, mentored and supported by expert outdoor leaders, expedition medics, scientists and adventure professionals
  • Build your character, resilience, determination and teamworking ability while exploring amazing wilderness
  • Receive support from British Exploring Society to continue your development journey after expedition

Join us. You are about to change your life

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What is not provided?

  • You will have to apply for/renew your passport where necessary; costs relating to this are not covered by the programme
  • In most cases, you will be expected to make your own way to designated meeting points (coach stops) at the start of each training event. The costs associated with travel to meeting points will not be covered by the programme
  • Transport to the airport on the day of departure from the UK
  • Spending money – there will be little opportunity to spend money in Iceland, however you should be aware that on the few occasions they may have access to local shops, any purchases made will be at your own expense
  • Personal kit except that outlined above

How do I get involved

Eligibility: If you are currently involved in Catch22 services you will be eligible to take part in the expedition. You will also need to have a passport that is in date throughout the duration of your expedition.

Selection: Whilst the UK training programme will offer opportunities for personal development, it will also be used as an opportunity to prepare you for the expedition phase and to select those who will be joining the expedition. It is expected that the UK training will start with approximately 45 Young Explorers, with 30 joining the expedition in the summer.

Applications: Apply via your Catch22 key contact (Will and Kevin)


It doesn't matter where your starting point is; you'll return with more confidence in your own abilities; greater resilience, determination and courage - and a sense of self-belief that will stay with you for life.

"To someone who is undecided about going, I would say that at the moment you may not feel like you can do it, but you will surprise yourself and no one is an expert or has ever done anything like this before, so as a Fire you will be able to support each other through it; everyone will struggle at some point, but it will be worth it for the bonds that are formed and the amazing things you get to see, that you would not be able to see unless you go on expedition."

Eleanor - Young Explorer, Dangoor Next Generation Iceland 2022

"One of the reasons I went on expedition was to prove to myself that I can do the things that at first glance I feel like I wouldn’t be able to. I like to take going up the mountain really literally - many times I’ve heard that 'problems are like climbing a mountain' and there is something so rewarding and freeing knowing I’ve actually done that!"

Grace - Young Explorer, Dangoor Next Generation Iceland 2022

“We’ve embraced others, ourselves, but finally the stunning nature that has submerged us these last three weeks. Seeing the complete wilderness of this beautiful landscape has revealed… the little things can have such a big impact, which can be easily ignored when living in a fast-paced city… [it] has inspired us all to change our ways to conserve the wonderful world we live in.”

Kyle - Young Explorer, Dangoor Next Generation Iceland 2019

An absolutely incredible journey. It took me out of my comfort zone and tested me in a way that has helped me develop as a more tolerant person. Also, I had the chance to make some amazing friends!

Lily - Young Explorer, Dangoor Next Generation Iceland 2018

I’ve learnt how to safely push myself out of comfort zones and to take risks sometimes. I’d usually be at home sitting in my bedroom and not really socializing with many people. I haven’t made many friends in college, but now I really feel like I can approach people and really give it a go. This programme really has been life changing.

Alex - Young Explorer, Dangoor Next Generation Iceland 2018

It’s been life changing. This has been the first programme I've gone on that's worked for me and has really impacted me. I’d describe myself before expedition as a shy and nervous kind of person who worries a lot, but after finishing the expedition I've really changed and I now feel confident in myself and my ability to push my limits.

John - Young Explorer Dangoor Next Generation 2018


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Since 2011 David Dangoor and members of the Dangoor Family have very generously supported the Dangoor Next Generation Programme. Dangoor Education provide charitable support across the field of the education sector, from formal education to outdoor organisations. This includes providing support to The Outward Bound Trust, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Westminster Academy and many other educational organisations.

Dangoor Next Generation is delivered in partnership with Catch22. Catch22 are a forward looking social business who provide services across the UK to help young people in tough situations to turn their lives around. The programme offers opportunities to young people from across Catch22 services including employability schemes, leaving care teams and the national citizen service.