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The expedition will take you deep into the Peruvian jungle and into the Amazon basin to trek and study the biodiversity of the area.

Start your journey to the Peruvian Amazon with British Exploring and Scouts today. This is an exclusive opportunity for Scouts Network members to experience the biodiversity, hidden valleys, jungle mountains and cloud forest of the Amazon.

You will document your experience through creative media projects, while taking part in conservation and sustainability studies to help further our understanding of the Amazon through scientific fieldwork. Surveying wild monkeys, birds, snakes, butterflies and an array of reptiles.

The expedition has been designed to take you out of your comfort zone in a challenging yet safe environment, with a real focus on the skills and personal development you will gain from the experience. The safety and support of our explorers is the cornerstone on which we build and develop an expedition from conception through to departure and return. Visit our safety and support page for more information.

  • Closed for 2020, opening for 2021 applications soon
  • 10 Places Available
  • Age 18-25
  • £5,300 (including flights)
  • Peruvian Amazon
  • Not Required for British passport holders
  • Some vaccinations are needed (further details given nearer the time)

I have learnt so much about the world and myself

Katherine - Himalaya Explorer

What's Included?

  • British Exploring Society Expedition Certificate
  • John Muir Explorer Award Certificate
  • Support with your Duke of Edinburgh Award (residential only)
  • Participation in Next Steps
  • Lifetime membership of British Exploring Society
  • Support to continue your development journey after expedition

What's Involved?

  • Extended Jungle Trekking.
  • Diverse programme of scientific study and research looking at all areas of the biodiversity that exists in this area.
  • Document your expedition through exciting media projects.
  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award (residential only)
  • Life skills – communication, confidence building, teamwork, organisation skills, leadership.
  • John Muir Award for environmental awareness & conservation.

Join us. You are about to change your life

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It doesn't matter where your starting point is; you'll return with more confidence in your own abilities; greater resilience, determination and courage - and a sense of self-belief that will stay with you for life.

Life changing. I have learnt more about myself than I ever thought I could know, a journey of self-discovery. British Exploring attracts such a unique blend of people, you are definitely going to meet some friends for life - like minded people you never knew were out there that are just like you.

Dasha - Amazon Explorer

As we left the jungle, I realised what an experience I had just had. The bus journey was the first time in 3 weeks where I had been able to completely stop and reflect on my experience. I am certainly more willing to try new things and feel more confident in myself as a person.

William - Amazon Explorer

From seeing Woolly Monkeys on the Pini Pini ridge, to a snake in our latrine, the British Exploring Peru trip was an unforgettable and unique experience. Although it was sometimes challenging physically and mentally, looking back on it now, I can safely say I enjoyed every minute.

Charlie - Amazon Explorer


Wow! What an expedition. This has undoubtedly been the best 5 weeks of my life… summiting peaks, listening to the Dali Lama and going on glaciers. I have found all the Science really interesting and have learnt so much about the world and myself. I would recommend this to all young people as it really has been amazing.

Katherine - Himalaya Explorer

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This is an exclusive international opportunity for Scout Network members across the United Kingdom and will allow you to engage on a personal development journey and develop skills for life through a programme of high adventure and community projects from a base within Peruvian jungle.