Fundraising Spotlight – Young Explorer Kacper

By British Exploring Society,

Hi, My name is Kacper...

I’m 25 years old and I’m a Software Engineer, Crossfitter, Amateur Car Restorer and most importantly a Young Explorer from Yorkshire. I am partaking in the pilot Pinnacle Wild Leadership programme heading to the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia between July and August of this year.

I jumped at the chance to get involved with this expedition because I love spending time out in remote and wild spaces, but have never had the opportunity to do so for a prolonged amount of time, and I’m genuinely excited by the idea of going completely off the grid. It feels like the ideal starting point of my own adventure and exploration journey!

How I'm fundraising:

The majority of my fundraising so far has come through personal connections and communities I’m involved in, purely by spreading it through word of mouth or just sharing the details of what I’m doing with friends and colleagues in conversations.

I’ve also been very lucky to be the recipient of a grant from the Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust – a trust setup with the aim of enabling people to organise and partake in adventurous activities.

I’ve also decided to set myself 4 “challenge” milestones as part of the campaign, and upon reaching the donation threshold for each milestone, I’ll have to complete a certain challenge prior to the expedition. So far I’ve completed a 15kg weighted hike around Buttermere, climbing up to Great Gable via Haystacks. The next challenge is a 10k run, and I’ve only got about a £100 to go until I reach that milestone, so watch this space !

What I've learnt:

The number one thing I’ve taken from this experience so far is the sheer power of local communities. I’ve been in constant shock and awe by the generosity of family members, friends and colleagues who have contributed to my campaign.

The other thing is the number of trusts, grants and other charitable organisations that strive to help young people and explorers through financial assistance. It’s great to know that there is such a large support network out there, especially if you decide to organise your own adventure or expedition in the future.

Be persistent and don’t lose hope! It’s very easy to become discouraged if you reach out to many individuals or companies and then don’t hear back or receive rejections, however in most cases you only need a single one to say “Yes” in order to boost your campaign. In my case I must have reached out to about 25 different trusts and organisations, and only the JWCT (Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust) decided to support me, however that support resulted in a £250 donation to my campaign!

You can find out more about my expedition preparation and stay updated by clicking the button below.

Thank you!


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